Victor's Cafe 52

Victor's Cafe 52
236 West 52nd Street
(between 8th Avenue & Broadway)
New York, NY  10019

Thursday, September 23, 2010 at 6:30 pm

Getting there…We took PATH from Jersey City and then the subways up to Columbus Circle which sports elevators for us to get up to the surface.  The trek from the station to the Theatre was good.  The sideways are reasonable and there are little difficulties encountered as you make your way there.  

We had informed Victor's that there would be two wheelchairs when we made the reservations so they had a table set up perfectly so both chairs could roll right in and didn't have to make a lot of funny turns. 

Victor's Ceviche de Pargo....wonderful!!!
In Victor's itself, the area is a bit cramped.  You can get around but if you have an electric chair, you will be wanting to pay special attention to where you are and make sure nothing is hanging off the arms or sides.  It is very doable but not as easy as some.  The staff was right there the whole time moving and pushing things to the side if the way got too close and even asked a patron to pull up a little to allow us through.  I don't consider the cramped space as a downfall because they went out of their way to accommodate the chairs and help us through the more narrow openings.

The food was fabulous and they were sensitive to any special dietary requirements.  Salt is a bad thing for me and while I know there was some salt on the meal that could not be removed, they were good not to put any additional seasonings on it so I would not react to any of my food.  

I did not actually use the bathroom but was told it would have accommodated the chairs if necessary.  Overall, it was a great experience and can't wait to make it to Victor's again!