Sky Thai

Sky Thai
62 Morris Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 333-4311

Sky Thai photo - front
Getting there…For me the trip to Sky Thai is about the easiest I can execute, it is only two blocks away so the excellent sidewalks on the way are appreciated but maybe not as much as the ones in Chelsea.  

They have added a nice poured ramp at the step so getting in the door has gotten a lot easier and there always seems to be someone at hand to hold it open for me.  They usually let me pull straight into a table at the front since it is close quarters in the restaurant but don't worry, you can still get around, you just won't be making giant loops anywhere.

The staff is quick to help in any situation and always very pleasant.  I have put this restaurant to the test because I had a terrible spasm right after ordering in October.  It was severe enough, Josh had to use the joystick on my chair to direct me home on his own because I was too severely affected.  The staff couldn't have been more helpful over the whole thing.  They knew we lived close and let Josh get me home and not take the time to pay upon leaving.  Once Josh got me home and settled, he went back to pay and found all our food neatly packed up, along with our drinks, ready to go.  They were very concerned about me and how I was doing and couldn't have been nicer over the whole situation.

So, I would have to give Sky Thai the highest marks possible and to this day, am still so appreciative of them helping me during a very difficult spell.

Sky Thai Photo - inside
I can't speak as to their bathroom since we only live around the corner I've never had occasion to utilize the facilities but will check into it next time I am there just to let you know.  

Their food is for the most part delightful.  I usually get their Shrimp and Glass Noodles in a Clay Pot which is causing my mouth to water as I am typing this  but on my last visit, when I became ill, they had just placed a full Red Snapper before me and I must say, it was a thing of beauty.  I had only two delectable bites before I had to forgo the meal and by the time I was ready to eat again, the children had long devoured what was brought home.  As far as their Pad Thai, it is not my favorite but the rest of my family love it so it is a matter of taste.  Maybe Josh and I will be able to have a date there again soon and I can try the Red Snapper again.

I can say if you are there, you don't want to miss their fried ice cream.  I am big fan of fried ice cream, being as it's one of my favorites and they do well by this dessert.  It's the perfect end to what has always proved to be a really nice meal.