2-At-A-Time Socks

We have Success!!!!  Here is the finished picture of my first try at knitting a pair of socks, two at a time on one long circular needle.  My only complaint was the unevenness of the ribbing of the cuff of the socks but that was my inexperience at knitting this technic.  I hope to do better next time.

It takes an adjustment to your thinking.  For one thing, you are knitting in the round but with the sock being right side out, normally when you knit in the round the inside is the right side and the outer is the inside of the sock.  That is the first that that took some getting used to but once I figured that out, everything else fell into place.  Actually, in some instances, I think it was easier to knit them 2-At-A-Time.  I do think the gusset in particular was easier as well as decreasing for the toe.  

As the book warns, the first few rounds are not easy.  You feel like all you have are lines of threads everywhere and one really long knitting needle, however, if you persevere, it will pay off in the end.  After several rounds, it starts to take shape.  Also, you need to watch the yarn overs, it is easy to accidentally knit a loop.  The other thing that was a bit of a challenge was knitting the first couple of stitches on each needle really tightly was as usual challenging but for some reason they tended to drop off the needle more easily and then you wouldn't notice them until sever row above the fact,  They are easily fixed but it is something that needs watching.

I am looking forward to perfecting this technic.  It was gratifying when I finished up the last Kitchener Stitch to realize, both socks were complete and I could move on to my next project! 

I knitted these socks with a nice silky yarn that has a slight sheen when finished out.  It held its stitch shape nicely and felt nice as it glided through my fingers.  I will be using this yarn again.

Knit Picks Shine Sport
Color:  Grass  -  6560
Sports Weight Weight Yarn - 2
     60% Pima Cotton
     40% Modal

Machine Washed / Tumbled Dry on Low