Doggie Obsession...

Here is a blanket I partially designed for my new tiny Maltese puppy I will be getting in a few weeks.   Since my neurological pain seems to increase at night, I am often up alone while the rest of the house is sleeping.  So, Josh bought me a companion that I can hold and will stay up with me when I am having those bad nights.  His name is Taddington Wingate Fitzgerald and is a tiny Maltese who is just now 1.6 pounds.  When he is big enough, he will come home to us but until then, I am going crazy with anticipation.  In order to keep my mind busy, I knitted this blanket.  
I knitted it in blocks, then picked-up stitches on each block set to combine them....I should have thought it through and knitted it in one solid piece.  I am sure this blanket will take a beating so when I knit it again, I will knit it in one complete piece instead of individual blocks.  I think it still turned out rather nice, though, and is just perfectly his size.  East block is 30 sts x 30 sts made with a DK bobbly type yarn from Knit Picks.  It is very soft for the little guy!  
My children are convinced I'm going through a mid-life crisis because I'm knitting blankets and have bought out all the on-line stores for this puppy.   I suppose the may be right.  Josh and I would have had a house full of children but my body wouldn't cooperate so we are grateful for the three God gave us.  At least this puppy doesn't come with long-term costs like, college, which our two eldest are now looking at this next year.
All that to say, this is the blanket I made for my new puppy, Taddington, who will be coming home shortly! 
Knit Picks - Crayon Boucle Yarn
DK - 100% Pima Cotton 
Cashew / Teddy / Black
It doesn't have a lot of stretch but is super soft and worked well for the blanket.