Microcurrent Units...

For pain control and inflammation, the TENs unit has been a lifesaver but for the true healing to begin, it took the Microcurrent.

My legs have severe edema at a cellular level.  There are times when my feet and legs, going up into the thigh and hip, are almost double their normal size.  With this edema comes indescribable pain.  Every movement, every bump, every touch, the pain can be excruciating.  Since the swelling is due to the Lyme, elevating my legs does not afford any relief.  The only reduction in swelling to date has been the use of the Microcurrent.

The Microcurrent has been able to reduce the edema enough at times to bring my legs down to almost a normal size.  Until I am able to walk again, swelling will always be somewhat of an issue.  There are times when it works better than others and we are unsure what factors impact it's effectiveness but are trying to chart events to discover any factors that could be contributing to its varying levels of success.  So far, though, the Microcurrent is the only thing that has given me any relief at all in this area.

In addition to helping with the swelling, it has begun loosening up some of my muscles and joints.  I have achieved various additional movement in the locked joints through working the muscles during treatment.   Even when I'm flaring, I don't seem to loose the progress made during treatments.

The microcurrent also helps my energy level as well as makes me less sensitive to the barometric pressure.  Again, there are times when it works better than others and I get more relief so we are praying for the answers as to why.

Another, rather interesting and positive affect it has is its ability to kill the spirochetes related to the Lyme Disease.  I did not realize this at first when we started the home units and I went into some deep Herxes but upon research we discovered it kills Lyme at tremendous rates.   We pulled back the intensity of our treatments and started on a reduced schedule so my body could have the ability to process the toxins without becoming overloaded.  I can report that I have noticed a lessoning of some of the Lyme symptoms as we have been progressing through the treatments.

The majority of my symptoms and pain at this point comes from the neuropathy.  It is in question as to whether it is directly from the Lyme itself or from the damage the Lyme it has done to the nervous system.  There seems to be great debate over that issue but either way, we are seeing baby steps in improvement.

The Microcurrent is a 'by prescription only' unit so if you are interested in obtaining one you will need to work with your doctor or chiropractor.  It is a fairly safe unit to use but there are those who are not candidates, such as those with pacemakers, if you are pregnant, etc.  Most insurances are willing to pay for a home unit if prescribed by your doctor but even if you insurance doesn't cover hardware, they run between $75 and $100.

If you would like to do further research, a good place to start is the following website:


From there, you can continue to search the web for more information.  Do be cautioned, there are microcurrents out there being used for a 'facelift' technique and from my understanding those are not the same as the ones used for medical purposes.