Puppy on the Go…

Tad in completed carrier.
I have added an emergency project to my needles.  Little Taddington must go with us when we go out, which isn't often, but it does happen so I purchased a very nice designer looking purse designed to cocoon my little guy when we were out.  The problem is Tad is still so tiny, he gets lost in the purse and feels unsecured, so, I am knitting him up a simple unstructured purse he can snuggle in and still feel like he is laying on my lap.  

The purse is of my own design and is going to be a simple fold-over style by sewing the sides and leaving enough for a flap over the top and using an icord for the handle.  It can be made any size but I have CO 63 stitches for the size I need.

I haven chose a tight design but with a series of yarn overs in the pattern so he can get air.  The pattern I have incorporated is:

Open Weave Pattern:  Multiples of 5 + 3, begin matter on Wrong Side Row

R1(ws):  K1,  P1 tbl,  K1,  K1,  * P2,  K1,  P1 tbl,  K1 *
R2(rs):   P1,  K1 tbl,  P1,   * K1,  YO,  K1,  P1,  K1 tbl,  P1 *
R3(ws):  K1,  P1 tbl,  K1,   * P3,  K1,  P1 tbl,  K1  *
R4(rs):   P1,  K1 t/l,  P1,   * K3, pass 3rd sts on R Needle over first 2 sts,  P1,  K1 tbl,  P1  *


Lion Brand  -  Wood Ease / Thick and Quick 
80% Acrylic, 20% Wood
6  -  Bulky, Super Bulky
Color:  143 Claret
Machine Wash and Dry

Nice thick yarn that knits up quickly.

Hopefully this will knit up quickly and Taddington will enjoy it.