Stocking Cap Mania...

Another of my favorite things to make are hats.  I think I love to make hats because I love knitting in rounds.  The idea of coming up with a stockinette stitch that only requires me to knit instead of knit/purl is very satisfying.  As some may know, this  winter in the Northeast has been particularly brutal and both my husband and my eldest son spend a lot of time walking the street of Jersey City walking to work, doing errands so us girls can stay nice and warm, not to mention taking our 115 lbs. Bernese Mountain Dog on his city walks.  To make them a little warmer, I knitted them Stocking Caps of Berroco's Ultra Alpaca Fine yarn which is soft, yet has a nice stretch for the hats.  I used various left-over wool blend sock yarn for the accent colors of the designs.  It is important for me to make their hats since my husband's head is slightly larger than a normal size and it's hard to find him a hat that isn't too tight as well as our son who's head is slightly smaller than normal and needs to be adjusted as well.  That's a wonderful benefit to knitting, you can customize!

Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine
50% Wool/20% Super Fine Alpaca/30% Nylon
***Used a double-strand throughout Hat to achieve proper gauge and make warmer.
Steel Cut Oats #1214
Potting Soil Mix #1279
For the accent colors I used scrap wool blend sock yarn had had laying around.  Again, to make proper gauge, I used a double-strand.