The TENs Machine…

The TENS Unit has been one of the best non-invasive solutions I have found to help with the pain levels.  One of the more chronic symptoms of Lyme Disease can be the extreme pain in feet making walking difficult at best.  Up until finding the TENs Unit, there was nothing, including the morphine, that could curb the pain in my feet.  After only one treatment of the TENs, I noticed a reduction in the pain.  

If you are searching for pain relief that doesn't involve a shot, pill, or patch, you might want to talk to your doctor about at least trying a TENs unit.  They are inexpensive, about $50 to $100 to purchase, and most insurances will cover them with a prescription.  Since the TENs unit isn't particularly dangerous, there is freer access so you can also buy a unit off Amazon.  There are some people who cannot use a TENs including people with pacemakers as well as there being a caution if you have diabetes or are pregnant, so, as with everything, you will want to talk to your doctor or chiropractor before starting any new treatment. 

I use the TENs unit everyday on various areas of the body, depending on where the pain is concentrated that day.  On the trip, I slept with it hooked up to my legs so I could move around easier the next day.  It is extremely flexible and one of the best forms of pain relief I have found.  There are times when I am even able to reduce my pain meds when I am using the TENs and Microcurrent in conjunction with each other.

For me, the TENs unit has been the difference in my making church services, shopping with my family or even going on the first trip I've taken in four years since becoming ill.  I have other people who also deal with severe spams and pain which use the TENs with similar results so this may be a good and inexpensive place to start for pain and inflammation relief.  I hope it works well for someone else out there too!!!