TOA-Free Cat's Claw…

One of the most affective treatments I have tried for the Lyme Disease has been TOA Free Cat's Claw.  When I was still bedridden and nothing was affective, not even the high doses of Antibiotics, we started with Saventaro, a specific brand name of Cat's Claw.  It was the very first thing that helped to clear the Lyme Fog and allow me to think clearly again.  

The one constant I have taken since beginning natural therapy for the Lyme has been the Saventaro.  It raises my immunity so I am able to fight more efficiently.  If I am off the Saventaro for a few days, I can readily tell by lack of energy and heighten neuropathy.

Saventaro has proven to be very affective at fighting Lyme when within a full natural therapy.  Dr. Lee Cowden, M.D. has a promising natural therapy that has been effective for many people.  I am hoping to start his therapy again soon since we now have the Breast Cancer in remission and my body is more able to fight.

Saventaro might be a good place to begin a natural therapy for Lyme, even while on antibiotics.  I started my natural therapy before coming off the antibiotics which made the transition a little easier.

This is a link to a good article on TOA-Free Cat's Claw and Dr. Cowden's research.