Microcurrent and Tens, Oh What a Relief It Is…

As I sit here on the couch watching through the haze of rain as the boats navigate the Hudson, I am enjoying the beauty of it all.  I used to love being on our little Hobby Farm, watching the chickens hunt for their prey on the front yard or hear the rooster crow throughout the day (For you city folks, yes, roosters crow all day long, not just as sunrise.)  All the sights and sounds of the farm made me happy, if not the smells, however, anyone whose had to traverse the elevators in the subways system in NYC will tell you, the smells aren't that much different.  However, we have learned that the city has its own splendor. 

When the ice begins to form on the Hudson and the whole city turns a wintery icy white it seems to sparkle in the sun and glows at night.  Just watching the masses of people all moving in a sort of rhythmic dance as they head to and from their jobs reminds me of the orderly existence of the farm.  And, watching the moon hang effortlessly over the NYC skyline from our living room window looks like a photoshopped picture instead of reality.  You truly can find beauty anywhere if you are willing to be content with the life God has laid out for you. 

In the midst of the contentment of this day is also a bit of pain from the low pressure system that brought this wonderful drizzle I am enjoying.  Any movement of the barometric pressure causes severe pain that the pain meeds can't even touch.  I used to have to steel myself and try to knit through these times in terrible pain but now we have an additional element to help.

The new additions to our arsenal are the Microcurrent and Tens Home units prescribed to us by our doctor.  I have done Microcurrent treatments that were greatly helpful but we were only able to go once a week for physical and practical reasons and at $100 a treatment, it made the necessary increases in treatments impossible.  We were blessed to find a doctor who helped to prescribe us the home units which have been a huge blessing.  I am now able to take treatments each day and we are finally starting to put my last flare behind us.  I have recently begun to get out more instead of being stuck watching the boats on the Hudson….as mesmerizing as they are.

Those with Lyme will tell you, one of the major complaint is often the terrible foot pain.  It has put many in wheelchairs because the pain is so severe you can't stand.  The only thing that has actually reduced the pain to a comfortable level has been the Microcurrent and Tens units.  It also helps reduce swelling, help with energy and helps loosen locked joints.  

I would highly recommend to anyone with a chronic pain disease or injury to talk with your doctor about the possibility of trying these units to control your pain.  Many insurances will pay for these at no cost to you but even if you are responsibe for your own durable medical equipment, each unit is under $100 so you will not be out a great deal of money.  

Lyme is one of the diseases that affects each person so differently and each person has to find what works for themselves.  There is not an overall cure for everyone.  Each person has to decided, through trial and error, what helps their body and what does not.  I am just hoping this might help someone out there who is looking for some additional pain relief at a reasonable price that doesn't affect your medication or adds to your probably already heavy pain med load.

I will tell you that, for me, I need to do a 30 minute Microcurrent treatment first and then about an hour on the Tens machine.  If you do the Microcurrent and don't back it up with the Tens unit, you might find you are in a great deal of pain.  The Microcurrent is more for the healing of the nerves, muscles and tissues whereas the Tens is more for the pain and inflammation.  

Although I personally don't deal with migraines very often, I have also been told they are good for migraines and give almost instant relief.  I know a lot of Lyme patients are plagued with migraines and find little relief in the normal migraine remedies.  For some reason the Microcurrent and Tens help to relieve the blinding pain.

First and foremost, I keep believing for my healing but secondly, I am determined to find the most natural way to fight this terrible disease.  I don't believe putting harmful things into my body is going to help in the long run.  We are using the Gerson diet to help build the body strong enough to do the fighting of the Lyme on its own, as well as the Breast Cancer.  I know that is controversial  but I see those who follow the Lyme protocol who come out with only minimal results that last only a short time.  Antibiotics may garner some relief but once the antibiotics are stopped and the Lyme has a more hospitable environment in the body , the spirochetes come back out of hiding to create havoc in the body again.  

I understand needing to try everything.  I did so as well, but after everything failed miserably and the doctors admit, at this level it is basically experimental anyway, I am putting my trust in a God who made the body to heal itself when given what it needs to become strong.  The biggest problem with Lyme is the spirochetes are so tiny and manage to bury themselves so deeply into the bones and deep muscle tissue, it is very difficult for anything to reach them so they body must be strong enough to do its work.  So, we eat organic, I don't eat meat (this is due to its inflammatory properties I cannot handle with my joints), no refine foods or sugar, no salt or dairy and lots of freshly squeezed juices and a good cleansing program.  (That's a whole other post.)  Slowly but surely we are making progress.  

Well, it's back to knitting on the baby cocoon I am making and watching the boats on the river…

May God Bless and Keep you in His Grace,