A Tribute…

Today is the day when we take special time to remember those we love.  Those who are our soul mates.  Those who make our lives complete and enrich us just by being there.  Today I want to pay tribute to my husband.

Josh and I met when we both had crisis in our lives.  We were both raw and had been wronged and trusting another human being wasn't something either of us thought we'd ever be able to do again.  However, God had other plans.  One sunny day in June a tall, reddish-blond man knocked on my cubical at WorldCom and asked if he could switch out my monitors.  From that moment on, we were inseparable.  

At first, we were just friends but we had so much in common it didn't take long for our friendship to develop into love.  Now, my husband isn't what you would call the most eloquent man in the world, he still has trouble explaining away telling me how much he didn't like Chicken Noodle Soup at the first dinner I made him…of Chicken Noodle Soup…using my grandmother's age old handmade, rolled and cut noodles which took hours.  I believe that was the same night he remarked he didn't realize I was so old…  I know it's hard to believe but we really did end-up having a second date.

What is special about my husband is how caring he is, even if he can't always verbalize how he feels.  I would  come into work to find him standing in my cube with a Hazelnut Carmel Latte and a Chocolate Biscotti.  Or, at lunchtime he would show up with my regular potato with broccoli and cheese.  We would sit and talk about everything, in fact, we never ran out of conversation.  

It didn't take long before I started outfitting him.  I have a soft spot for American Eagle because that is where I usually got his clothes during our dating months.  In fact, my heart waxed nostalgic this fall when we took our eldest son there to outfit him for the winter.  I had to buy Josh a long sleeved henley and over-shirt just for old times.

Within a few short weeks, you would have been hard pressed to tell us from an old married couple.  Josh likes to say, we were married from the day we met and in many ways that was true.  We just clicked in a special way.  Not to say the road wasn't with out its bumps and problems but we never left each other and worked through all the problems. 

We were married nine months after we met.  After we were married, I learned to appreciate him even more.  A year after we were married he was the man that stood in front of a judge and adopted our children and whose name now appears on their birth certificates.    He was the man I traveled all over the country with along with our three children in a van to jump start his career.  What fun times those were!  And, the same man that held my hand all the way to the door of surgery this last year and who has searched the world over to find anyone who might help me get better.

I see these young girls searching for all the wrong things in men and then are completely delusioned when things don't work out.  You have to know the heart of the person you marry.  First, they have to have a personal relationship with Christ because if that is in place, everything else can be worked out.  Secondly, they have to care more for others than themselves.  When you are dating, they are going to put you first, no question, but if you observe them closely and see how they treat others, that will give you a better indication of how they will eventually treat you.  And, thirdly, you have to have the same goals in life.  Josh and I are opposites in a lot of areas except in our views of the big things in life.  Our goals in life are the same and we have a desire to work together to get there.  All those things are important place-starters.  

We've been through more than most married couple ever have to face.  It is not normal to have to face death at such a young age but it brought us closer together.  We treasure each and every day together and thank God daily for His healing.  God has caused us to grow together in ways that are hard to put on paper but it is a deep love based in Christ's love for us and our desire to share that with others.

I am grateful for a husband I love more today than the day we married.  He is a precious man and makes my heart fluter every time he wrinkles his brow at me, even to this day, I go to butter.  Life may not have been easy for us but we have always tackled it together and through the trials we have faced, we have become stronger and our love has grown deeper and become more mature.  

I pay tribute to my very best friend in life, my husband, Josh.  If I never had another person in my life, I could be totally content with him as my friend.  But, through this life, we have developed friendships with others that have made our life more complete.  I think when you are married to your best friend you learn how to be a friend to others and you build on that very special relationship.

I love you, Josh.  You are my everything and I thank God for you daily.  You are my best friend and soul mate and I could want for nothing else!  I wish for everyone the type of love we have.

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,