Turning 11…

Today is our youngest's 11th birthday.  It is hard to believe how fast time has past.  You hear every mother reminisce about their child and say the same thing, I imagine that is because it is true.  Those long nights of a wailing infant that never seemed to end all those years ago did indeed end and now seem so distant and a strange sense of longing has now replaced them. 

Samuel is an amazing young man and I have loved being a little older during his life.  It seems like when you have your children young, you are so busy with just settling into life that you don't fully realize how important the little things are to cherish and remember.  With Samuel I was able to sit quietly in a room nursing him and taking stock of how important it was to remember those quiet moments of what would be my last child.  I enjoyed every moment of the first two but with Sam, I was older, more settled and better able to really enjoy the miracle.  There is something to say for years of life to help one take stock of what is truly important and nothing is as important as family.

As it would be, our last child was a carbon copy of me.  The eldest two resemble their Daddy.  Oh, they have parts of me, just as Sam has parts of Josh, but overall Victoria and Benjamin are like Josh while Samuel got my driven, Type A personality.  Sometimes in school we have a difficult time because we both see things so clearly only he has difficulty relenting to his mother's years of wisdom and knowledge of Fourth Grade English regardless of whether or not he thinks it's the logical way for it to be done.  I don't blame him, our English is backwards, but nonetheless, we must learn it the way it is written…a lesson I keep having to teach him over and over again and occasionally remind myself.

Today he started his day with his Daddy as all our children do.  It delights my heart we started this tradition.  The children all look forward to their Birthday Breakfast with their Daddy and I love to see them bond a little more each year.  Before Josh took Sam to his breakfast, they took our newest addition, Taddington, to his first vet appointment.  In fact, just to assure he has part ownership in Taddington, Samuel put $100 of his hard earned allowance money he had been saving toward the purchase of Taddington.  Sam has a gift with animals and is going to be training our new little puppy Maltese for me so he felt vested in the visit.  As it would be Taddington is healthy and perfect and is one of the smallest 'healthy' Maltese our vet has seen.  Sam felt all grown up over the process of vetting our puppy and I realized I was seeing my little boy taking his first steps toward becoming a man.

I watch him work through the little trials of life day in and day out and wonder what life will hold for him.  He loves the Lord and takes his relationship with God seriously and has ever since he was a little guy.  When I am at my worse, he will come in and pray for my relief.  He has always been strong in his faith even as a child.  No matter what life has in store for our youngest boy, having his roots firmly in Christ will prepare him for whatever God has planned for his little life.  

I think the hardest part of life is letting go.  Releasing is a process that begins the day they take their first tentative steps and ends when they hand you the house keys.  While the letting go may have to end and I may have to release them into God's Hands one day, I will never have to stop praying, loving and being there for each and every one of them.  

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,