Wearisome Nights…and Days…

Woe to me, it has been a wearisome few days.  For those of you following my treatments as of late, you will remember our doctor just prescribed us home units for both the Microcurrent and the Tens.  They immediately gave my immune system a much needed boost and I started feeling better overall.  The Tens has been wonderful in controlling the pain and inflammation but the real healing comes from the Microcurrent unit.

What I wasn't clear on until recently is the Microcurrent not only helps my muscles, awakens my nerves and is instrumental in giving me movement in my joints but it also attacks both the Lyme and Candida.  As I understand it, Lyme likes to live in Candida since they both feed off sugar, so, the two go hand in hand.  I have been fighting a serious Candida infection of my blood for a couple of years now, since the intensive antibiotic therapy we first tried for the Lyme Disease.  I have learned over the last week of intense Microcurrent treatments that we are systematically  attacking the Lyme Disease as well as taking aim at the Candida in the process.

This is wonderful news!  Anything that can get pass the blood and brain barrier and enter the deep muscle tissue to route out the spirochetes from the Lyme is a huge step in the right direction.  The microcurrent is able to reach every tissue of the body making the medication I take for the Lyme more effective and gives us the best chance at getting ahead of the disease.  

I gave you that quick background to say…I've really been hurting:-(  With the wonderful headway of killing the Lyme and Candida also comes the inevitable, Herxing (technical name: Jarisch-Herxheimer).  For those of you unfamiliar with the term, though I'm sure you've experienced the phenomenon at some point in your life, is when after you have killed a virus or some foreign entity in your body, there is a poisoning from the offending invader dying off.  This poisoning can cause everything from mild aches and pains to a severe flare-up of the symptoms of your disease to severe flu-like symptoms.  It can be extremely uncomfortable and something all Lyme patients brace themselves for during any therapy.  Herxes have been known to send many a Lyme patient to a confused hospital who usually doesn't even believe you have the disease.  Most of us just weather the Herxes in silence rather than try to convince an emergency room you have Lyme and in turn, defend your treatment.  If you are interested, there is a lot of information on Microcurrent and Lyme Disease on the net for research as well as Herxing.  

Nighttime Command Center
So, when I say, 'I've been Herxing', you will know that most likely I have spent the night sitting-up on the edge of my bed rocking back and forth in pain and waiting for the time to tick off so I can take my next pain pill.  On those nights, I will probably, have not laid down at all because laying horizontally causes great additional pain to my legs, so I will have slept laying over my Macbook on a tray in front of me occasionally jerking awake in a confused state and wishing I hadn't.    This is carries on for the rest of the night until about 6am, or when day has dawn, it is then when I get a slight reprieve and can generally lay down for a few hours of sleep, about the time Josh is headed to work.

Those are the nights I will be glad to have Taddington with me when he finally arrives.  I can't have my family staying up with me, although Victoria does far more than she should.  It is hard on her body to stay awake through the night and she needs her sleep.  I am looking forward to having my new little puppy to keep me company during those difficult nights.  Just thinking about snuggling the little guy makes me feel better already.

Herxing is always far worse at night but doesn't go away during the day and woe to anyone who is Herxing if the barometric pressure is yo-yoing.  It increases the pain and makes the whole Herx experience far worse.  The old adage of having to get worse to get better applies here, unfortunately. 

I know anyone dealing with chronic pain will relate to everything I wrote here and many of you with far greater pain than I realize on a day to day basis.  It is hard for those who do not have this kind of pain to truly understand.  I have one person in my life that also has chronic severe pain from a disease, not Lyme, and who I share a great deal.  There are nights when we start talking on the Chat as the sun goes to sleep and we are still talking through the pain until the sun wakes back up the next morning.  We have an understanding, at any point when we no longer receive a response, we stop and say a prayer of thanks that our sister has finally given way to sleep and is resting.  Those nights create very tight bonds of friendship, love and support.

On those nights when I am not talking and am able to move effectively, I knit.  I knit and knit and knit.  There have been some days when I have gone through a pair of socks in two days.  Although, I usually don't knit a complicated pattern when I am Herxing because I usually end up dropping stitches and having to rip out far more than I would like.  In fact, in my cute little green socks that I am learning to knit, Two at a Time, I noticed a yarn over in a place there shouldn't have been a yarn over.  It is wayyyy too far back to rip out so I am going to cheat and either weave in a piece of yarn to cover my mistake, something I hate doing, or make a decoration in the area.  

Being a type A personality, I usually would make myself rip it out but four years of learning to live with these diseases have taught me to relax just a little.  It's still tough on me to move on and not do the 'right' thing and rip out the mistake but I actively try not to be so particular, after all, they are a practice pair and little Ethan will grow out of them in about two days anyway so I am going to give myself a pass on this once :-)

The last few days were bad enough, I was unable to make it to church this morning which was disappointing since I was looking forward to today's sermon.  The Herx still had me in sever pain and spasms as Josh was getting ready  so dressing wasn't an option for me.  It didn't help that the weather wasn't cooperating and rain was expected along with the drop in barometric pressure.  I will keep hope that I can make it next week especially since we have a lot going on next weekend.  Surely this Herx will be over by then!

I know with continued use of these units I will not have such severe reactions so I must preserver through these initial treatments.  I know that God has lead us in certain paths to find things to help me but in the end, I also know God has to be the one who will ultimately heal me.  It is what I believe and what I hold onto.

May God Bless You and Keep You in His Grace,

Confession:  So much for Life Lessons.....I ripped out the little green socks to fix the errant yarn over... It's perfect again.