Amelia's Bistro

Amelia's Bistro
187 Warren Street
Jersey City, NJ  07302

Amelia's is a quaint little Bistro tucked in amid the old brownstones in Jersey City's Paulus Hook area.  If you are fortunate enough to have a beautiful day or evening, you can dine outside on their patio, which is my personal favorite.  However, if winter is upon us or the skies appear threatening, you can always dine inside.  

It is beautiful inside and has ample room for your wheelchair to move around and pull into a table.  The atmosphere is pleasant but the staff is their crowning glory.  From the moment you arrive, they strive to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

I have a restricted diet due to fighting the Breast Cancer with the Gerson Therapy and I often need to request substations and changes.  They are always very good about changing whatever they need to for my meal to be in line with my restrictions.  The Chef has even gone as far as creating a specialty wrap for me using my approved ingredient…it was wonderful!

The night Josh and I snuck off to have some quiet time to talk and enjoy a late night meal, we arrived at 10pm which was only an hour before they closed down.  We hated to arrive as late as we did but they were gracious and were quick to tell us not to hurry and enjoy our meal.  They even gave us a dessert option, which we took.

That night we opened with their signature bread with chick peas you grind in your own personal mortar an pestle.  It was a fun touch and had a nice fresh taste.  Our appetizer was Spinach and Artichoke and was spectacular, and huge.  We had difficulty eating our entrees after the first two courses.

Josh had a Fish and Chips and I had the Crab Cake Sliders both of which were wonderful.  We followed up with a New York Cheesecake and sat sipping our coffee trying to muster up enough energy to make the three blocks back home.  

Getting there…If you take a leisurely walk to Amelia's you will have little problems with the sidewalks.  There are one or two that have no entrance ramps on the corner and require you to go back to a driveway or make your way over to the other side of the street but that is the worse you will come across.  They have a lovely large bathroom to accommodate a wheelchair and there is ample room to move around.  Overall, a great dining experience.