A Card Knitted with Love...

Front of Knitted Card.
Browsing the Internet I found the cutest little card I wanted to try to replicate.  They had used a standard blank card, although I am sure a piece of card stock would work nicely, then embellished it using a small knitting project.

The one I chose to create was a tiny knitted blanket in progress.  I used seam pins to replicate knitting needles and then knitted the beginnings of a little blanket.  To make it look more authentic, I left a length of yarn and rolled into a nice little ball placed whimsically on the card front.  On the bottom I knitted a decorated boarder to add a delicate touch.  I used double-sided tape to attach both the trim and the knitting project as well as small ties on the boarder which can be untied so the projects can be removed and used again or placed somewhere for decoration.
Scripture written on inside of card.

On the inside of this particular card, I used my best handwriting to write the recipient's favorite scripture around the outer edge and then put my message on the inner area.  On the back I signed the card with the phrase 'Made for Thee by Me'.

This was only my first try so I will be striving to improve on the idea.  I was thinking little Christmas Stockings hanging off a drawn fireplace might be cute, or baby mittens, etc.  The ideas are endless.  I hope to have some fun working on new card concepts over the next few weeks.

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,