The Joys of Chocolate...

After a few days of flaring, Josh brought me home some treats to lift my spirits!  We got hooked on European Chocolates from my godson spoiling us.  I think our son has been spoiling his girlfriend with European Chocolate delights as well; she has already said that a Hershey Bar simply isn't the same.  

Here are a few of my favorites.  Anything with Hazelnuts is usually good, always milk and not dark or white, although our sons love white chocolate, and only Niederegger Marzipan Classic.  You can add on to that Lintz Chocolate and a Rivella on the side (a wonderful natural, not too sweet soda type thing) and I am happy.  

Sometimes you need special little pick-me-ups in the day to just make you smile.  Now, these delights are not on my Cancer diet but I don't devour the whole thing at once.  I will have a small bit here and there and can make a Marzipan bar last a whole week.  Sometimes just a bit of chocolate can keep you sane!!!