Komegashi too

Komegashi too

99 Town Square Place
Jersey City, NJ  07310

This is Josh's and my favorite restaurant of all time so it is no surprise it is the one we chose to celebrate our anniversary this year.  

Komegashi too has always been very accommodating of the chair.  They have a standard table they keep for the wheelchair that is under the fish tank where I can pull in easily and see the Marina and the tank.  It is a nice location and is out of the way.  If the table is filled, they have no problem putting you somewhere else and will arrange whatever is necessary very quickly and quietly to make you feel comfortable.  Some places will accommodate you but tend to make a bit of 'noise' trying to arrange things, Komegashi never does and you slip into place quickly so you can get settled right away.

The food is wonderful.  This night we had the Chef's Appetizer Combo to start with which is a meal in itself.  For our entrees, Josh had the Tokyo Fusion Shrimp which was very spicy and much to Josh's liking.  I enjoyed Yaki Hotate which is broiled scallops with the Chef's special Porcini Mushroom Sauce.  I normally don't care for scallops but theirs are so perfect, they cut like butter.  Then, to complete the evening, for dessert we had Vanilla Tempura with fresh cut fruit.  Normally it doesn't come with the fruit but the server had it made special for us since it was our anniversary.

Another important consideration is they sport a nice large bathroom which is always a plus.  Their service couldn't be better and when they go out of their way to accommodate someone in a wheelchair, it makes the meal even more pleasurable. 

There is a reason why Komegashi is our favorite restaurant.