My Little Taddington Wingate Fitzwilliam…

Taddington Striking a Pose!

It has been two weeks since we made the trip to Massachusetts and acquired our little 2 pounds of joy.  I had built this little guy up in my mind to where I was beginning to believe no dog could ever measure up to my image, but I was wrong…  He does!  

Josh purchased Taddington for me as a Therapy Dog.  On those long nights when the pain is too much for me to handle, the meds aren't working and my family is getting their much needed rest, I would sometimes become despondent.  After much discussion and research into breeds, Josh determined that a Maltese would be a much needed tonic and perfect for a therapy dog.  

He has become my constant companion.  Late at night when the winds are blowing outside and the pain is elevated, he lays on my lap, looking up at me with those big black eyes filled with love.  It has been comforting not have to weather those late nights alone.  It took a little training but he learned to accompany me into treatments and even to the restroom at night.  He likes riding on the wheelchair and strikes a regal pose as we move throughout the house.  

We have raised a lot of dogs in our time but never has one integrated into our home like this one.  It was surprising to realized that the Bernese Mountain Dog and Maltese temperaments are very similar.  Both breeds are in tune to us and now each other.  To watch them play has become a bright spot to everyone's day.  Sebbie, the Bernese, is very careful and plays gingerly with him, while Taddington is of the opinion he is a big dog and shows no fear.  I woke-up yesterday to find them snuggling together beside me in bed sleeping away.  

I didn't used to enjoy animals, until I married my husband, but he lead me on a life of discovery and there times I actually had ducks brooding in my living room and tiny baby goats, diapered and running amuck in our house.  I came to realize, I love animals and enjoy all their antics and unconditional love.  Having this tiny new companion has gone a long ways in helping me deal with those unchangeable aspects of my life on a day to day basis.  

I appreciate and thank my husband for his kind and thoughtfulness in spending way too much money for this precious little fluff ball of joy.  I thought I would enjoy him but who knew I would fall in love, along with the rest of my family.  Josh thought he was buying Taddington for me and he wouldn't really be all that involved but the more he interacted with Tad, the more he lost his heart too. 

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,

P.S. - On the sidebar is a link to Taddington's very own photo album.  Please forgive the 'not quite a Maltese' cut but Mama is still learning to groom him.