Purl Soho Yarn and Craft Store

Purl Soho Yarn and Craft Store

459 Broome Street
New York, NY  10013

Getting there….Purl Soho was a fabulous place to visit.  If you are making the trip through the city in your chair, you will find there is a lot of construction on the sidewalks in that area which can be challenging to get through.  The sidewalks are also very rough.  There are some poured sidewalks but there are also large sections of rock slabs, which must be ancient, causing the seams to be very bumpy and difficult to transverse.  However, even if you have to make the trip using the sidewalks and can't drive there, it will well be worth the effort.

When you arrive, you will notice three steps up to the store but don't despair.  Either call ahead or have a friend go in and ask they put out their ramp.  They keep a portable wheelchair ramp in the store to put out when needed.  I have a Pronto Scooter which is 300 pounds alone and it went up and down nicely.  They were really nice about it as well and didn't make me feel like I was more trouble than I was worth.

The store is small and the aisles are tight but you can easily make it around without banging into everything.  The stock is high on the walls but fear not, the staff is not only extremely knowledgeable but also superbly friendly and will go out of their way to retrieve anything you want to see.  

The selection is amazing and you will want to spend hours looking over everything they have in stock so be prepared to spend some time when you go.  You can also order from their website which gives you another option if you can't make it to the store.  But, I have to say, you need to try to make it at least once!