The Sidewalks of Chelsea

The Sidewalks of Chelsea

A review of sidewalks?  To the average person that is going to sound ridiculous but if you are in a wheelchair, sidewalks can become a very big thing.  When they are poured roughly, you shake all over and by the time you have reached your destination, you are already exhausted.  

Nothing is more important than the seams, though.  When the seams are far apart and uneven, it is like a mini roller coaster ride and all the bumping makes your body very sore.  For those in a chair without any neuropathy, it will make less of an impact but for those of us dealing with high levels of neuropathy, this can be the deciding factor on whether we go somewhere or not.  

From now on, when asked if I want to attend something in Chelsea, like the taping of the Martha Stewart Show, if I can ever acquire tickets…:-)  I will say a big, YES!  The sidewalks on the streets of Chelsea are wonderful.  They have tiny seams for sidewalks so you experience only a very little 'bump' going over them.  They are also poured nicely so you have traction but not too rough so you are jostled as you purr along.  The ramp entrances to the corners are for the most part very nice.  As you might remember I had some trouble with them one night and kept catching my wheels, almost turning myself over a few times but I think it was 'user error' that night.  I did better later on.  The ramps are actually wide and most of them aren't too torn up from the winter freezers.

So, if you are looking to do some window shopping and enjoy a really nice sidewalk, please, let me suggest a stroll down the streets of Chelsea in New York.