A Trip to Whole Foods and Some Really Nice Sidewalks…

I have been having a particularly difficult time with drawing-up and pain in my muscles as of late.  I think the weather has been the biggest culprit since the pressure has been yo-yoing from the comfortable to the excruciatingly painful but I have also had other various influences that could be contributing factors.  I am still dealing with the intense edema which causes severe pain as well.  

When I talk about edema, referring to the swelling in my legs and feet, I know most people think…'swelling'…but when I say swelling, they are double their normal size.  It is a good thing I am a knitter because if I weren't, I would have nothing to wear on my poor feet.  I am able to at least knit socks to accommodate their swollen state.  They had gone down for a few months to almost a normal size so we are praying to get back to that point again soon, until then, Josh bought me some wonderful Baby Alpaca yarn in a dark molasses color to make a new pair of very soft socks to cradle them in when we have to go out.

I could have used them on Tuesday night when Josh and I ran into the city to do some grocery shopping.  We had planned on a nice trip on Monday to catch up on our food shopping but it was wet and cold so we put it off until Tuesday.  Tuesday was still cold but at least it wasn't raining/sleeting so we thought a quick trip across the river and the two block walk to Whole Foods would be fine.  
View from my window of NYC Skyline

We made the first leg of our journey without incident, took the first elevator from the train platform to the Mezzanine level and up the ramp and then, only a few feet from the surface, the elevator from the Mezzanine level to Street level decided to revolt when we stepped on board.  The elevator lowered, we boarded, the doors closed and then would not move.  After trying for a few minutes, we managed to get the doors open enough to let us out, that was a blessing!  After that, however, the elevator completely stopped responding.  All I can say, is at least we were not inside.  

Everyone at World Trade was very nice and tired to help us but it was in need of the elevator engineer who was summoned but no one had any idea how long we would be waiting.  We stayed around for about 30 minutes but finally decided it would be better to go somewhere else than to stay with only a hope of their coming in time.  So, back we went, paying again for a ride on the PATH that we couldn't use.

That needs to be the title of one of my blogs.  Do you have any idea how many times we have paid for a ride on the PATH only to be stuck underground because the elevators do not work and I cannot reach the surface?  We end up having to pay again to get back to the platform to ride to another station or back home causing our metro bill to skyrocket on down elevator days.  What we have since learned is they will not call an elevator technician if they break on the weekends so basically, I cannot use mass transit when it is the weekend and something breaks.  How kind of them…

Back to our adventure.  We made it back down to the platform that must stay at a cool 52 degrees because I was freezing after having been without any heat for nearly an hour in the World Trade station at this point.  Josh put us on a train that would take us to 33rd street which is the only PATH station other than World Trade in NYC that sports an elevator for wheelchairs.  I will never understand why they didn't install ramps everywhere, it would have been so much cheaper in the long run and they never break down, but I regress.  Making it to 33rd Street, we finally emerged at the surface.  

WF Website Photo
The temperature had dropped by this time since after our whole ordeal, it was dark outside.  From the station we had about a 9 block walk in Chelsea to reach the local Whole Foods.  There are only three Whole Foods I can reasonable reach in the city due to the limited number of elevators in the subway stations.  The Whole Foods in Tribeca, Chelsea and the Columbus Circle area are all by stations I can access.  I have to say, the sidewalks in Chelsea were a thing of beauty.  Every city should pour their sidewalks like the ones in Chelsea.  The only complaint I had was the construction of the sidewalk corner entrances which kept catching my wheels and almost toppling me once.  It could have been my driving was a bit wonky from the spasms I was enduring from the intense cold wind blowing straight at us the entire 9 blocks and the standing water which I was quite certain was growing all forms of bacteria and was desperately trying to avoid although ultimately, I failed.  I can tell you after our venturing into Soho on Sunday, the Chelsea sidewalks were a delight.  

Once we arrive, the Whole Foods was serviceable, nothing like the Tribeca store but serviceable.  They didn't have an eating area for us to gather ourselves and get cleaned up after my 'almost tumble' which got my foot pillow, my knitted cover and socks wet, from the afore mentioned water, and dirty as well, of course…..I try not to think about it…  They did have a coffee bar and I was anxious to get a Carmel Cafe Latte which helped to warm my hands who froze despite the lovely pair of cashmere lined leather gloves given to me by my husband last Christmas and my Josh had a Hot Cocoa since he is not, brace yourselves, a coffee drinker.  Our marriage had a few rough tumbles over that fact but I evidentially learned to accept the fact he did not partake of coffee and I was able to move on…:-)

I was at the iPod helm calling out the next item on the list while Josh was gathering all the various products from the shells for our little cart when I realized the list of items seemed incredibly pitiful when in comparison with all the effort it took to get there.  Once through the check-out line which went very well, we headed back having a much better return home.  The wind was to our backs and we took to the other side of the street avoiding the standing water and misshapened corner entrances as we hummed our retreat to the train station.  Once on the PATH which whizzed us to Jersey in less than 22 minutes, including our change-over in Hoboken, we found ourselves at Exchange Place and took the waterside way home so we could admire the City's sparkling lights against the black as midnight sky and the moon that seemed to guide our wayward souls back to hearth and home.
Photo from WF Website by Jane K

Quite a night for four bags of groceries but the adventure we will never forget.  To most people I think that would be a bad night, and at the time my legs were spasming from the cold, it was for me too, but after you face your own mortality, you begin to look at life in a different perspective.   You learn to appreciate even the difficult days because you appreciate each breath God gives you.  

Last night was not a nightmare to get food for the house but an adventure I spent with the love of my life.  On our way home he held my hand and snuggled close to me on the train.  We talked of our children and life and again appreciated each breath I take and all God has given me in my life.

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,