An Award or Two at the Liberty Science…

Last Friday was a particularly difficult day for me.  The pressure was jumping all over the place and the neuropathy was so high I just sat on the edge of the bed trying hard not to move.  However, I had a mission.  Our two eldest children were being recognized for their contribution as volunteers to the Liberty Science Center and I needed to be there.  I missed way too much over the last few years so if there is something I need to attend, unless I am unconscious on the bed, I do everything I can to make it no matter how I feel.  This was one of those days.

LSC Stock Photo 
The children were a great help in my getting ready, loaded onto my chair and packed for the evening.  As we prepared to the make the Light Rail trip to LSC we were less than trilled to realize it was drizzling but we persevered and made it in time to get settled in our area.  We were just praying Josh would be able to make it for the ceremony.  Through the kindness of one of his co-workers, Josh was able to attend which meant a lot to the kids. 

It was wonderful to see their efforts recognized but even if there were no awards, the merits of working at the Liberty Science Center are so beneficial, it is still worth all the time they have invested.  One thing Josh and I appreciate about their volunteerism is they train these young men and women how to handle a 'real' job before they are  forced to learn with the pressures of their first job.

Victoria was naturally an outgoing person and dealt easily with people but our son, Benjamin, was a bit on the shy side.  The Science Center has gone a long way in pulling him out of his shell and he is doing much better at communication with everyone in his life.  He has grown greatly through the experience. 

Ben receiving his award.
We are a second generation homeschooling family.  Both Josh and I were homeschooled at various points in our lives so it was a natural choice for us to homeschool our own children.  When you choose to homeschool, you choose a way of life.  It is not something you do for a few hours a day, it is a completely different way to live your life and one which we love.  I couldn't imagine doing anything else.  I love to see our children succeed in life and know it was our efforts of teaching that has brought them to the point of self-discovery and the launching point of their own lives and independence.

One huge advantage to homeschooling is being able to tailor fit not only their education but their activities to meet their interests.  The Science Center has been one of those great choices where we could work their schooling around their hours and allow them the freedom to explore the world on their own terms.  It has been a huge blessing.

Victoria fulfilled her commitment and then half again more before deciding to move on.  She is now volunteering at our church using some of what she learned at the Science Center's administration office.  She is going to be focusing on her schooling and college in the late fall as well as learning Japanese and is taking up swing dancing.  We love to see our children venture out and experience new things.

Victoria receiving award for 144 Hours.
For Benjamin, he is more focused on his future and being husband and father one day and wants to concentrate on his wage earning capacity.  So, the Science Center will be a more long-term endeavor for him.  He has researched and is going to apply for an internship there since he has already completed his commitment as a volunteer.  If he keeps on track he will graduate this year and be able to start his career much earlier than most.  We believe the Science Center was instrumental in giving him the confidence to push ahead toward this lofty goal that is fast becoming a reality.

One day, the Lord willing, little Samuel will be following in their footsteps and he will be our third child to find himself at Liberty Science Center.  As parents in this very difficult world, you have to take advantage of every beneficial and safe resource to help them succeed.  

Watching all our children grow into such accomplished and amazing adults makes us so proud.  It is what we have lived our life for over the last eighteen years and to see them succeed is rewarding and exciting.  It's what being a parent is all about.

May God Bless You and Keep You in His Grace,


  1. How exciting, Lynne and Josh! Congratulations to you both, Victoria and Ben!


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