The Castor Oil Liver Pack

I have been having unusually high pain and spasming over the last few weeks.  It has made it difficult for me to move and go anywhere.  With Lyme, often times you have to juggle treatments because one becomes less affective over time and you need to switch back and forth.

We have begun increasing the use of the Castor Oil Liver Pack again and although I know it will be met with some skepticism, it works well enough to deserve a mention.  I may also point out, the Liver Pack works all the time and is a good accompaniment for any other therapies.  When the Gerson Clinic first suggested the use of a Liver Pack when I couldn't get my energy up and was having a lot of problems, I was not convinced the therapy would work.  The idea of placing flannel soaked in pure organic Castor Oil on your liver topped with a Hot Water Bottle for an hour or two and then doing a cleanse, just seemed ridiculous.  However, since I was trying to be as faithful to the Gerson Therapy as possible, I went ahead and took a Castor Oil Liver Pack.

You could have blown me over with a feather.  I couldn't believe the difference in my energy level and the drop in toxicity in my body.  It was such a noticeable difference, it is difficult to put in words.  I got a reduction in pain immediately, my energy level went up and the neuropathy went down as well as the toxicity levels.  It did everything they said it would and more.

The down side to the Castor Oil Liver Pack is the time it takes.  You do have to stop the world for an hour or so but if you are need of rest, it is almost guaranteed you will go into a deep sleep.  Some of my most restful times have been during a Liver Pack.  Now, if you are highly toxic, you will need to do some sort of cleanse after a liver pack or all you will have done is stirred-up a bunch of toxins that have no way of exiting the body and that could increase your symptoms so you want to be sure you plan for that aspect.  If you are on the Gerson Therapy, you will being doing a Coffee Break but there are other ways of cleansing the body of toxins.  You will need to use whatever you already have in place or if you are new to this, there are plenty of sites to help you find an effective method.

The idea behind the Castor Oil Liver Pack is to stimulate your liver into functioning at peak again.  It is like a jump start and it truly works, as unlikely as it seems.  You can also use the Castor Oil pack on any other part of your body that needs attention.  Body aches, strains, etc, can be helped greatly by the Castor Oil pack.  This is one therapy that is inexpensive and well worth researching.  Here is a start point to give you an overview.

I might suggest, if you are taking a Castor Oil Liver Pack that you put on a good movie, get really comfortable in your bed and enjoy some quiet time of healing.  You might want to start out with a 30 minute pack and work your way up to 1 to 2 hours.  Believe it or not, it is so effective that if you do too much too quick, you can throw yourself into a bit of a Herx from the intensity of the treatment.  This is also a treatment that can be taken every day and even a few times a day if you are in a crisis and need the help.