Prayer Warriors and a Very Good Day...

Today was a good day.  The morning started out a bit precarious with my legs spasming and drawing-up but I was determined to make church this morning.  I had already missed a much anticipated Ladies Meeting at our church yesterday after waking to frozen muscles that simply wouldn't cooperate.  In an attempt to make today's service, I took a Rife treatment yesterday which is a calculated risk since it gives erratic results.  If it works well, you start feeling better immediately however, if it happens to hit a Lyme or Candida pocket, it will put you down for a week or more.  Hitting a Lyme or Candida pocket is a good thing in the long run but the initial Herx from the dying off of the Spirochetes and Yeast can be devastating.  I was desperate enough, I took a chance and must thank God for receiving positive results.  I will be posting a little more on the little know Rife Treatments in the next few days.  

Last week was a stressful week for our business and family.  There was an incident on Josh's contract that required Josh to put in almost 80 hours last week.  It was rather stressful to say the least.  During it all, it was a wonderful thing to be able to call for prayer and realize an entire church of devout Christians made intercession for Josh to have wisdom as to how to fix the issue.  What a comfort to know so many people gave us the gift of intercessory prayer.  There is no greater gift you can impart to another than that of intercessory prayer and it is one that should be appreciated when offered.  

Upon arriving at church this morning, we had so many people check on us and ask for updates.  We were grateful the update was positive.  Josh was able to get the system up and recovery went well so we had a good report.  While the week was stressful, it was a good reminder of how important it is to have a support network of people who care about you and are willing to take your needs to God.  I think being able to rest in that knowledge was almost as great of a blessing as the answer to prayer.

After having been held up in intercessory prayer so many times, it has instilled in me the importance of giving that gift myself.  I have enjoyed recently acquiring a yearly prayer partner through one of my knitting groups.  It is a great responsibility because these people rely on your prayers.  It is not enough to say, 'I will pray' with good intentions yet never get it done, you must pray because there are people depending on you.  Those thoughts weigh heavily on me as I go through my personal prayer list.  I don't know what I would have done without the prayer support I have received throughout my life and I feel great honor I am now able to repay those debts by praying for others.

After church and a few errands, we made it home and spent a nice day working on our computers, watching TV, Knitting and generally spending time together.  Josh and I had a special surprise waiting when we got back.  The children all pulled together after they got home from church and presented a clean house to us when we made it back from doing a few errands on the way home.  I have been able to get out so seldom, I have to take advantage of the good days.  It was a very nice surprise, especially since Victoria wasn't able to make church this morning.  She is still dealing with migraines off and on and she was stuck in bed nursing one this morning.  Throughout the day it cleared a bit and she was able to get up and around some.

As the sun has began to set, my pain is on the rise.  One day I pray that this will stop.  There have been times when the pain doesn't increase as badly at night but since the terrible flare that started last October, I've yet to get back to that point.  After talking with others that have a chronic pain disease, I have come to realize the night pain is something we all tend to have in common regardless of the root of the pain.  It is a struggle to sleep so often times we are unwilling victims of insomnia, many times not finding rest until the sun begins to dawn and some of the intense pain subsides.  It is a struggle but it helped me to realize, I was not alone; there are a lot of us out there.  I have a special friend that also has high pain issues and there are nights when we are able to connect, sometimes from the time the rest of the family heads to bed until the next day dawns.  It is that support that can keep you sane.

I also have the blessing of special prayer warriors that God has placed a burden on them for my condition and healing.  I can't talk about all this without talking about Norma.  I go to tears everytime I think of Norma because she has become so very special to me.  It was only our second time at the church when this vibrant, loving and beautiful woman came and gave me a big hug.  She then took my hand and placed in it a diamond and sapphire ring.  Needless to say, I was shocked but I didn't have long to wait until Norma explained.  She told me God told her to do this the first Sunday I came but she resisted.  As with most of us, when God tells us to something unusual, we tend to pull back and question if it is really God or if it is us.  So, she made a deal with God, if I came back the next week, she'd approach me.  

Next week rolled around and I rolled back into service so now, she was obligated, and I am so glad she was.  As she held my hand with the ring in it she told me that God wanted her to stand with me for my healing and that I was to wear this ring as a point of contact between us so I could remember on those rough days that I was not alone.  She had no way of knowing our family had been very alone in this fight for the last four yeas and no idea how much this simple act of faith on her part would mean to me.  So, our relationship began.  She has been there through my good days and my flares and keeps in continual contact with me always checking on my condition and praying me through everything.  I am even honored to be able to hold her up in prayer once in a while which makes me so very happy to be able to give back a little.  I love and appreciate you, Norma!!!

May God Keep and Protect You in His Grace,


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