Another of the controversial therapies we use is the Royal Rife Machine.  It was developed by Royal Rife in the 50s for the treatment of Cancer.  The basic idea is if you hit the right frequency, you can shatter the cell of a disease thus killing off and curing the patient.  It is the same basic principle of a singer hitting a high note and shattering a glass or when they use frequencies to shatter a kidney stone so it will pass easier.   
Rife Machine during a treatment.  You sit directly in front
of it approximately 12" away and use the controller at
the top to change frequencies.  

Most of Royal Rife's research was lost when his office caught fire, including his microscope which was instrumental in determining what frequencies killed what diseases, so we are basically trying to recreate all his research.  His work with cancer patients was outstanding but squelched like any treatment for cancer other than the standard chemotherapy and radiation.  So sad.  

We have learned that the Rife Machine is effective in fighting Lyme Disease.  Just this last week, during a particularly difficult flare, we used the Rife to knock it down and after a Liver Pack to help cleanse the body, I started feeling better.  One thing I know the Rife works well on is a Cold Sore.  Most Chronic Lyme patients deal with severe Cold Sores but I'm happy to report, I rarely have that problem once I started using the Rife Machine.  I can dry up a Cold Sore in the matter of a couple of days.  As far as I'm concerned, that alone is worth the price of the Rife Machine!!!

A typical Rife Treatment would be sitting with the Rife Machine directly in front of you and changing frequencies at varying times on a small box.  A typical Lyme setting is only 2 minutes.  You start off only doing a Lyme treatment every two weeks and then gradually increasing the frequency as your body can handle the treatments.  The initial Herxing off a Rife treatment for Lyme can be very severe due to the amount of Spirochetes and Candida that die-off during a treatment. 

This is one of the more effective treatments I have used.  As with most Lyme patients, we switch back and forth between treatments as one becomes less effective.  For some reason, when you suspend a particular treatment for a span, it becomes more effective when you come back to it.  So, we do a certain rotation that seems to work well for us.  We see many Lyme patients spending thousands of dollars on treatments and in the end, they are only marginally better, if at all.  After doing this for so many years, it is our belief that the body is going to have to kill this disease and we need to build it up to the best of our ability for the fight.  We use the Gerson Therapy as the base for this approach.  Most chronic Lyme patients we know who have been able to take antibiotics have been on them for years.  I simply can't go that route but the God is helping us to find effective treatments that are economical and effective.  The Rife Machine has definitely been instrumental in helping us gain control of many of the symptoms and bringing me through serious flares.

A nice side note is Rifing helps to reduce the length of flus and colds.  When we get a virus in our house, everyone sits around the Rife for a series of frequencies specifically for whatever is ailing us at the moment.  It is not an instant cure but in most cases, it reduces the length of time we are dealing with whatever virus and helps reduce symptoms.  Of course, once again, it has been great with reducing Cold Sores and that is worth it's weight in gold!

If you are looking to do some research on Lyme for both Cancer and Lyme Disease, these are good places to start your research.

Happy Rifing!!!!