United Artists Battery Park Stadium 11

United Artists Battery Park Stadium 11
102 North End Avenue
New York, NY 10282

What a nice theatre and well set-up for its disabled patrons.  

There is plenty of room to move around in the building and the staff is attentive and helpful.  There are huge clean bathrooms with nice large handicapped stalls.  The handicapped section in the theatre themselves is well situated and a good distance from the screen so watching the movie is comfortable.  There was plenty of handicapped seating and a good amount of seats adjacent to accommodate my family.

The theatre seats are apparently also very comfortable for those using them.  Josh and the children were thrilled at how they reclined and how comfortable they were.  The concessions were a bit less expensive than we were paying in Rockaway and they had a nice selection.  Their Chai Tea was very good!  And, even the video games were a cut above.  Not just the standard games but some fun and interesting games to assist you in depleting your money stash by the fistfuls.  

Since this theatre is also a simple PATH or Water Taxi ride from our house, it made the trip from Jersey quick and easy.  I hate to ride in the car so anything we can manage to do in the city without having to use the vehicle, is a good thing!

We highly recommend this Theatre to any Handicapped patrons and anyone who would like a nice clean theatre to enjoy a night at the movies!!!!