Back to Basics and DPN's for the Making of Socks...

As you know, I have been enjoying experimenting with the 'Two-at-a-Time' Sock method on one long 47" circular needle.  While I enjoyed having both socks completed at one time and like the consistency it gives between the socks, there is still something to be said for the simplistic way of knitting socks on Double Pointed Needles.

Josh bought me some wonderful Sport Weight, 100% Baby Alpaca yarn from Blue Sky which will be wonderful for my sensitive feet.  I chose to use my warm Bamboo DPN's and knit the socks one at a time instead of putting them on the circular.  While there is still a place for the circular knitting of socks, sometimes you want the slower, simpler way so you can throughly enjoy the feel of the yarn and the play of the needles.  For some reason the 'Two-at-a-Time' method felt a little commercial, not to mention cumbersome trying to keep two socks and two balls of yarn straight the whole time.  When I am a bit tired or weak, all that yarn can become a little much.

Super Soft Baby Alpaca on DPN.

So, while the boys were gone, Victoria and I put on Emma and made a warm cup of tea while I reached for my Double Pointed Needles and soft Baby Alpaca yarn.  I enjoyed knitting this slow old-fashion way.  I am down to the toe shaping after only 24 hours of knitting.

Once in a while it's nice to get back to basics...

Sock Pattern - Simple basic sock pattern with rounded heal and grafted toe.

Blue Sky Alpaca - Sports Weight
100% Baby Alpaca
541 Molasses
110 yards / 50 grams
Gauge 5-6 stitches per inch
Hand Wash or Dry Clean


Finished Socks with Soft Pink Flowers Embroidered at the top.
I had to end up passing these on to Victoria as a gift.  I tried to make them to fit me but the stretch just wasn't there and they wouldn't work so she got a beautifully soft pair of bed socks.  She didn't complain too much....

When I realized they were going to my baby, I added simple Soft Pink Embroidered Flowers at the top to give it a feminism touch.  They turned out very nice and will make a great rainy day sock.