Basic Socks on DPN's yet again...

My basic socks are now complete.  Although they look slim in nature, the ribbing throughout the leg and into the instep makes for incredible stretch.   These are very soft due to being knitted with Bernat Satin in a nice olive greenish/taupe color.  

I have started another basic sock pattern on Double Pointed Needles.  My very soft Molasses coloured socks ended up going to Victoria since they were not big enough to fit over my swollen ankles.  Since I am still without socks I decided to do a quick basic sock using the Bernat Satin which is soft and a Worsted weight which should give me the bulk I need to make the larger size sock.  It is also in a nice Forest Mist Heather, which is a subtle green.

I am again enlisting the help of the DPN's since my arms continue to be weak and the DNP's are much lighter to use.  I decided to use a K2, P2 pattern for the entire leg and instep to give myself a lot more stretch in the sock to hopefully accommodate the various sizes of swelling of my feet.  

Basic Sock made with Bernat Satin yarn, very soft.
Forest Mist Heather, 100% Acrylic, 4-Medium Worsted
Machine Washable and Dryable