Blood Tests, Praise Reports and a Bit of a Concern...

All cancer patients know the drill, once a year you go through a round of testing.  Even when standing on great faith, it can put a knot in your stomach.  You are waiting for your pointers to come back and to tell you if there has been a reoccurrence.  Since I chose a less conventional method of treatment for my breast cancer, there are a lot of people watching my numbers....for me, I just keep my eyes on Christ because he is the author of my salvation and my healer.  So, I had my blood work last week....and we waited...

Finally, we got back the cancer pointers and I am delighted to report that my numbers were good, well within normal range and for further encouragement, my white blood counts also look good.  I have to give God all the credit and thank Him for leading us to the Gerson therapy which was a huge help in keeping the cancer at bay.

However, all was not as positive as I would have liked.  Apparently my Hemoglobin has dropped considerably, like around 7.1.  They like to start talk transfusion around the 8 to 9 mark so you can only imagine how upset my doctor was at the findings.  I have to admit to being thrown for a minute at the numbers, especially since I have seen such progress in my condition in the last few weeks and especially the drop in pain levels in the last week.  I have had five good days in a row which is almost unheard of in the last six months and have even seen reduction in the swelling of my feet and legs so honestly, the numbers were a shock.

What I believe is the numbers are actually on their way up and not down.  During the last six months there were times while I was floating in a sea of pain where I wasn't so sure I was going to see morning and even a simple move from the bed to the wheelchair was more than I could handle.  I had to reduce my treatments which made matters worse but my body simply couldn't take the stress.  I would fall asleep constantly and there were days I slept from morning to night.  I think my numbers were actually lower at those points although I have no proof since I didn't take a CBC during that time.

It all started only a few months after my surgery and from my CBC at that time, my numbers were low then.  Add to that a severe reaction to fillers in a Thyroid pill I started on, some severe bleeding that became uncontrollable for nearly six months, my failure to keep to the protocol by not taking the supplements that are required by the Gerson guidelines and my living off plain popcorn and cantaloupe with no discernible animal proteins in my diet and I think it makes sense as to why my numbers dropped.  You also have to take in to account that my body is already fighting a disease which puts it in a negative position.

We also have to add to the factor my Vitamin D3 levels were down to 5 which is extremely low.  Vegans tend to have trouble with their Vitamin D3 levels and when your Vitamin D3 is low, you are three times as likely to become severely anemic.

Another major factor that put my body under stress was the discovery of chlorine hidden in the bottled water I was drinking.  While Volvic water says it doesn't contain chlorine, it actually contains trace amounts and even that small amount of chlorine was enough for my body to react.  After switching my water over to Fiji, my pain levels began to drop and I noticed a considerable difference.  It still amazes me how my body can detect the smallest amounts of chlorine, magnesium or potassium and react so violently and yet no one has any idea why.  The good news is my husband is a brilliant researcher and found the truth behind the water so we were able to switch to a pure water and begin to get the pain under control.  Even during the last storm with the pressure being terribly unstable, I was able to manage my pain.  That is huge progress in the scheme of things.

While the doctors seem to be concerned for my well being, other than being a bit tired, I haven't felt this good in over six months.  That tells me we have to be on the right track.  I know they are concerned about cancer again but I won't accept anything but health.  I believe we are seeing severe dietary anemia from the exaggerated circumstances in my condition and with a proper plan of attack, we will see a rise in the numbers.  My doctor has given me a month to bring my numbers up so we are praying for wisdom in how to proceed and that God will continue to work the miracle He has already started in my body and bring me back to a solid healthy where I will be walking again.

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,