A Burst of Orange...

I love cut flowers.  That is an amazing statement to my husband since when we first married I declared they were a waste of money and I had no desire for him to buy any for me...that didn't last and a very confused husband learned the hard way that what a woman says sometimes isn't what she meant, even if I didn't realize it at the time.

Through the years, I have learned that I just love flowers.  I love them all over the house and one of my new favorites are low bouquets.   Roses are absolutely wonderful and I enjoy each and every vase filled with their delicate beauty but I have learned, I love small short bursts of color too.  On Mother's Day I was blessed with three beautiful bouquets of roses before Samuel had a chance to buy me his traditional bouquet so we decided, he would wait until all the rest of my flowers faded away and then he would buy me some so I would have flowers in the house longer.

My very handsome Son Samuel holding my beautiful gift of flowers.
So, when Sam came home after doing some grocery shopping with Daddy, he brought me this beautiful vase of flowers.  My favorite colors are the dark oranges and peach so this was the ideal bouquet.  I never used to like orange but as you age, your tastes change so he brought me home this darling little vase filled with a stunning arrangement of flowers.  I was overjoyed with my beautiful flowers which brought a little joy to me each time I saw them, day or night.

I especially love this picture of our youngest boy holding my beautiful flowers.  The apple green shirt is another of my favorite colors and it made a delightful contrast to the flowers.

I suppose what is even more special is an 11 year old son who is concerned enough about his Mama to know what she likes and what makes her happy and remembers to show her by his thoughtful actions.  That surpasses the joy of the flowers and brings a smile to my heart.

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,