Green Berry Pattern Socks - Two-at-a-Time...

My sweet Aunt Shirley will finally have her custom knit socks.  They are winging their way through the post as I write this blog.  I am hoping they fit her.  They looked so small but she has a size 4 foot so I think they will fit her nicely as she scoots around her new home.

After working through the pattern on the DPN's the socks quickly took shape and were completed fairly quickly.  The Berry stitch made a really nice texture and gave the sock a nice stretch.

Finished Berry Pattern Socks

I had to make a quick change to my Aunt's Socks.  I had been working on the Two-At-A-Time method but it was heavy and hard to handle two balls of yarn so when I discovered the Berry stitch made for a tighter than expected leg, I ripped it all out, went to a larger size needle and used my DPN's.  It is so much easier to hold a single sock.  I really do enjoy making the two socks at a time but  if my arms are weak, or you have trouble maintaing multiple strands of yarn, it might be best to stick with the magic loop or the DPNs.  I am sure I will use the Two-At-A-Time method again but for now, I am enjoying using my DPNs.

Moved to a larger DPN size so the leg has more room.

I have been knitting slowly lately but I am finally on to my dear Aunt's Socks.  She has a tiny little foot and has trouble finding well fitting socks so I am hoping to knit a comfortable sock for her.  I am using the Two-at-a-Time method to complete both socks at once.  It is a complicated method for the first few rows but after you get past around row 20, it gets a little easier.  The reward of this method is both socks are completed at the same time, however, it is a little on the cumbersome side to hold while working.

So, on to my knitting....

Two Socks on one long 47" circular needle.

Knit Picks - Hand Painted Stroll - Canopy Tonal
1 - Fingering Weight
7 - 8 sts per 1" on #1-3 needles
75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon
462 yards / 100 grams
Machine Wash/Tumble Dry Low