Newton Motor Vehicle Commission...At the DMV Once Again...

Newton Motor Vehicle Commission
51 Sparta Avenue
Newton, NJ  07860-2401

After our last attempt at trying to acquire my Disabled ID Card, I was too weary to return to a local DMV so Josh took me to one in Sussex County where we still own a home.  It was a pleasant experience, at least as pleasant as turning in your driver's licenses for a disabled ID can be.  We were treated with dignity and kindness and were walked through the process with great sensitivity.  I have to admit to breaking down as they prepared to take my picture for the new ID.  I had dreaded turning in my licenses and it was an emotional process for me.  I was greeted with such compassion from Denise, who also works with the disabled.  She was kind and encouraging to me despite the fact I wasn't handling the process very well.

We have always appreciated the DMV of Sussex County.  They have always been quick, efficient and friendly but this time they proved themselves to go far beyond...they were compassionate.