The Picture Perfect Mother's Day...

Ben, Sis and Sam waiting with me to take the Water
Taxi over for a little shopping.
Once in Battery Park we had to take a picture of the
Memorial for the Irish Potato Famine.  It almost
looks real...

You have to see it in perspective with the office buildings
all around it.  It looks so real when you are close up.
Taddington was welcomed with open arms
into Whole Foods since he was a
Therapy Dog.  I have to say, that small 4 pound
warm ball of fur helps me deal with the pain when
we are out and my legs start to spasm.
He is a huge blessing to me.

A big surprise was a beautiful Edible
Bouquet from Benjamin showed up
completely as a surprise.  We all enjoyed
snacking on that for a while!
Shopping had to be done on Saturday so we headed into the
city to enjoy some of the fine shops there.  We got to see all
kinds of sights including an almost naked cowboy,
playing the guitar and a transvestite wedding.  Let us never
forget, it is still New York City when it is noon on a Saturday
in Times Square.
We stumbled upon Rockerfeller Center while
searching for Coldwater Creek.  
The children would like to come back and ice skate
next year.  It was fun to see in person what we
have seen in the movies so many times.  Sam was
impressed with the giant Lego store.
Headed back home we made our way
to Grand Central to enjoy seeing the beautiful
ceiling.  Sam had just learned about it in
school so it doubled as a field trip.
Here's something fun, an old fashion wheelchair lift that took
me directly into Michael Jordan's personal bar at Grand Central.
It is how they got me to the elevator's for the train platform.
The lift was just big enough for the wheelchair to fit in,  rod
iron doors closed me in and it lifted me the few steps to the next
level, it was very cool and obviously very old.
We stopped for refreshments before we boarded the
train.  The kid stayed in their seat for a very short time
since a couple of less than sober bums came behind
them and the aroma become overwhelming.
On the way to the trains we past the
whispering place.  We had just seen it on a
movie so the kids were thrilled to try it.  It
actually works much to everyone's amazement.
Being the vigilant scientist, Sam had to
research it on his own to confirm the
hypothesis of perfect acoustics.   
Traveling up the long wide ramp to the
Market area of Grand Central to get a
treat for the next day.  Unfortunately,
they had just closed but it was fun to
see anyway.
I barely had time to knit on my bookmark since we
caught the express.  It was moving so fast, my chair went
sliding a time or two.  I got a few rows done though.
After our enjoyable day, we took a walk around the
Battery Park area.  This is an entrance to the subway
but isn't the architecture just beautiful?  They used
to take such pride in their craft and made things a
joy to use, unlike today's lack of detail.
We all enjoyed the beautiful flowers on our walk.
Sam was still full of energy as the rest of us began to
wind down a little and looked forward to getting back home.
On the way back to the PATH we found this beautiful
fountain in a a park.  It is only a block from the church
and it was a stunning park.
The park had the old fashion gas lanterns and from
the fountain you could see this very vintage building towering
 above the tree line which completed the allusion of being
transported back in time.  From this vantage point you
couldn't see anything but this building, all the trees which insulated
you from the street and the soothing fountain so you could
 envision yourself in another, much simpler, time.
Our way out was lined with flowers and trees and perfectly
laid stone which was almost seamless. 
The Fountain itself was spectacular as was
the sound it made.  It was so relaxing after
a busy day.
After our big day we needed sustenance so we settled down
for Chinese food served family style.  Service was
excellent and everyone enjoyed the dinner before we
headed back home.
Even I got to enjoy a little of the food since they were
willing to cook to my special needs.
During a quick stop at Whole Foods on our way home
we found this fruit.  We weren't brave enough to try it
this time but what must it taste like???  It looks like
fruit that came out of a Si-Fi movie!!!
Josh surprised me with some beautiful
antique cream roses with rose colored edging.
The aroma consumed the house and they
opened perfectly making the bouquet a
stunning sight every single day!
The rest of the family got me a special skirt from the Gap
which has no waist band and is as soft as butter which makes
wearing it in a wheelchair much more comfortable.  Great
effort went into finding this skirt so I will wear it knowing
what effort was put into finding it for me...Thank you, Josh!
While shopping for the skirt, we found some tops with the
same super soft fabric.  I couldn't resist since my neuropathy
is so bad and this fabric felt soooo good against my
skin....I'd love a whole wardrobe out of it!!!!
Unfortunately they were selling out of this fine fabric so
they only had one other item to fit me.  It was a camisole
to go under another shirt.  It was a beautiful rose color.
I was so surprised to have a knock on the door Sunday
morning to find a this beautiful bouquet of flowers
form Josh's Mom and Dad.  It was just stunning and in
my favorite colors.  I couldn't have loved it more if I
had picked it out myself.  It was such a kind thought and I
am so grateful.
Another picture of my beautiful flowers.
I will end my Mother's Day Pictorial Story
with the most precious four things in my life.
Each day is worth living and fighting for because
of these four people.  I truly love them so
very much.

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,