Take Your Kid to Work Day and Serving Luncheon…

It has been a full couple of weeks.  The rain hasn't made it any too easy for me.  I missed church on Sunday which was a big disappointment but with my pain levels being so high lately, I couldn't make my body cooperate.  I was able to make it to the LABS at church this week which was particularly important since they were starting a study on the movie 'Fireproof' for married couples.  Josh and I have enjoyed the movie in the past and are looking forward to working on our relationship.  I don't think you should ever believe your are past needing to put more effort into your marriage so we are looking forward to the study group.

Sam at  Dad's Work.
On 'Take Your Child to Work Day' Samuel was excited to accompany his Dad to the office.  Josh was shocked at the fact that even though there were all these kids at work supposedly there to learn about their parent's work and spend time with them, they instead, handed their children over to the organizers to keep track and entertain them throughout the day.  When Josh refused to turn Sam over, the organizers were, well, miffed, to say the least.  Josh, and a handful of other insightful parents, chose to keep their children with them to fulfill the original concept of the day.  These few blessed children were given the opportunity to see what their parent's did for a living and create a special bond.

I have to wonder which children will remember the day as something special shared with their father or mother and which children will remember the day as just a way to get out of school with no significant attachment to their parents.  Samuel looks forward every year  to going to work and learning more about what his Daddy does.  He has already decided to follow in his Dad's footsteps which is no surprise since he has a talent for IT like his Daddy.  

Sam is building his own server for his MindCraft game.  His Daddy is giving him guidance, of course, but Sam has done all his own research by searching out videos on YouTube as to how to proceed with his project and trying reading papers which are a bit above his 4th grade reading level.  Nonetheless, he forges ahead with is goal well placed.  I have to wonder if his intense interest in IT would have been as great if when Josh took him to work on those days he sat him in room with hundreds of other children to watch videos or glue macaroni to a piece of color construction paper.  I don't think it would.  I think the excitement of seeing his Daddy in action and being the hero of our household by working so hard to earn the money for our family made the world of IT come alive and become something worthy of his time and interest.

So, another year is has past and Sam regaled me with all his adventures at his Daddy's work.  I even managed to get a picture from Josh to commemorate our budding young IT guru.  Next year, he may be helping his Daddy on his contract when he goes…
What a handsome set of servers.

We had the added excitement on Sunday to have the privilege of service the food at the cafe at our church.  Each Sunday a family will take either Breakfast or Lunch and provide the food that the church sells for a nominal fee to help fill the coffers.  It is a great idea and everyone enjoys taking their turn to make their family's specialties.  For us it was Tortilla Soup, Super Nachos, Green Salad and an assortment of Cookies and Brownies.  Josh's forte is Tex-Mex.  

I was so disappointment because my pain was too high for me to go to church and I didn't get to serve the first time our family was on the schedule.  It was actually an all boys day because Victoria stayed with me.  Ben went over with the first load and then Josh and Sam where right behind him.  All three had carts full of supplies.  I'm sure there were some envious people on the PATH that morning…the soup smells wonderful.

They had a lot of fun.  I got texted updates throughout the morning and afternoon which was nice and even some pictures sent over.  Josh had so much fun, I'm sure we'll be back on the schedule again soon and I will have my chance.  It's always nice to enjoy new adventures.
The boys serving away, all without their girls!

So, we are back to the weekend again.  Being Mother's Day weekend, we will be spending it together.  What we do will depend on my physical abilities and pain levels .  I know I am so very blessed to have a family who cares like my family does.  Each one has taken such great pains to assure I am taken care of even when I am at my worst and to make a few dreams still come true, even while we are still walking through this trial.

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,