Another week in the life of us...

Today is a good day....  I almost get giddy when I am able to say that.  Mornings are normally bad for me even if it my nervous system decides calm down and allow the pain to become manageable so when I get up and have manageable  pain and feel good, it's an exciting day for me.

I woke-up this morning realizing I had slept through my 6am Extended Morphine pain pill.  It has been a  long time since that happened so it was encouraging and a step forward.  Feeling a bit of energy that has been escaping me, I was greeted by a very slow moving little puppy.  Taddington had his 'surgery' a few days ago (a.k.a. he was neutered) and life has been a little out of sorts for him.  We love having boy dogs because once they are through this little surgery time, they become the sweetest and most loving little guys, however, you do have to make it through the first six months. 

We were so relieved a friend of ours who is a vet was the one who performed the 'deed' on Taddington.  We couldn't hand him over to just anyone and we were at complete rest knowing she is the best in the business...well, maybe neck and neck with her husband who is also a vet.  They are precious couple and now have a precious baby boy to complete their family...we felt blessed to have someone we trusted with our little guy.

So, Taddington is recovering, all the kids are finishing up on this year's school, Josh is working long hours and I'm ready to start working again a little.  I have always been part of the business but doing far less with being ill.  Lately I think I'm ready for small contract.  A work from home, of course, there is no way I could physically go into an office daily but I am feeling sharp again and able to tackle some small scale work instead of just the clerical side of things.  So, we've prayed about it and Josh is out looking for the perfect contract to break me back into the workforce.  We'll see what God has in store.

I'm trying to write this blog and do all my daily work at a bit of a handicap.  My MacBook went in for a complete overhaul and I had been struggling with using only the iPad.  After doing a little work on one of the IBM's for Sam, we got Ubuntu 11.04 installed with its classic view and I'm able to start getting a few things done again.  The iPad can be a great asset but it's not really a laptop replacement.  Its lack of multi-tasking can drive you mad if you are using it for daily work.  I do like Ubuntu so it's been fun setting it up for Samuel.  I even managed to bring back the Wobbly Windows for Sam which should be an Ubuntu staple but some genius made it a challenge to acquire on the new version.  After all this, I was finally able to sit down and start to write on my blog which I have been sadly neglecting.

As I mentioned, we are approached the final stages of our school year.  Our family has always adhered to a year-round school schedule so we could take time off when we needed it and this approach has worked well for us but being this is the last year for Victoria and Benjamin, they are winding down for good.  Samuel, while not necessary, has worked hard and will probably have a few free months before we start school for next year.  Normally I would start him right away but there are so many activities living here in the city, I think he would like some free time.  He is also working on building a MindCraft server and needs some time to complete that as well.

It's hard to believe that after this year, I will only have Samuel on my roster to keep track of in schooling.  At the rate Sam completed this year, I have a feeling we will have another early graduate.  Both of the boys take their responsibilities as future husbands and fathers seriously and they want a head start on establishing their careers so they can have a family sooner.  When a lot of teenagers aren't interested in anything but video games and themselves, it's nice to see our boys take their futures in such consideration.

Well, on to life.  I need to work with Sam on Math for a while and I'm trying to do a little studying to bring myself back up to speed on all the technology that has passed me by while I've been laid out over the last few years.  I am so grateful God has given me more strength and clarity of mind to engage my future.  I have been down far too long and want to start living life again, and, prayerfully, do it standing!

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,