This week has been full of changes.  Since Josh's last contract's end date was up, we switched to a new company that more utilized Josh's expertise.  Josh is amazing at architecting full solutions so moving on was way overdue, in my opinion.  The nice part is Josh was able to return to a previous client and is able to renew old acquaintances which is always nice. 

With the new contract came changes to our daily schedule.  Actually, we will have a lot more family time with the new contract so everyone is super excited to have more access to our Daddy.  Samuel has a list of computer lessons he has been needing from his Daddy that Josh simply had no time to teach, so, working a standard 9 to 5 schedule again is a relief.  It has been more than 10 years since Josh had to work shift and we were glad to get him back to being an architectural resource once again.  We've already paid our shift dues long ago….
A dinner together...

Tonight was nice because I was able to meet Josh on the Light Rail and we went shopping together.  I wasn't sure I could make it this morning but I pulled out the Rife machine, took a treatment and started feeling better immediately.   I am always amazed at how much the Rife does for my symptoms and energy levels.  I may have a slight herx tomorrow but as along as I am running Rife on a regular basis, the herxes are generally short-lived.  I know the Rife looks a little space-age and unbelievable but it does work.  An added benefit is the Rife will dry up a cold sore in two days, that alone is worth the price!!!

Josh and I have started a new routine as of late.  Most evenings we take both of the puppies for a walk.  Well, Josh and Sebastian walk and Taddington and I ride.  We tried to put Taddington in a halter but as soon as his feet touched the concrete, he revolted and ran to my chair trying to jump in my lap.  He is not going to be an outdoors dog.  So instead, he settles nicely on my bad hip since his warmth is helpful with the pain and spasms and we roll beside those actually exercising giving encouragement every step of the way.  

I am not always able to take a walk with Josh but I have been doing better and have made most nights.  Even when I feel a little rough, sometimes the walk will help to take my mind off things and I feel stronger.  Josh and I used to have a ritual, one which we kept since we were first married.  I would start dinner and we would eat as a family, then the children would entertain themselves for about thirty minutes while I took a soaking bath.  Josh would always sit with me and we would discuss his day and the business, the kids and school and anything we needed to communicate.  We literally did this daily for years until I got too sick and I could no longer sit in a bathtub.  I missed our time every day and have looked for a replacement.  For the last few years, we were just trying to survive but with our move to the city and my recent progress, we were able to start fitting in time for ourselves.  The walk gives Josh a chance to walk off the stress of the day and me time to enjoy being outside but mostly, we just enjoy the quiet time to talk about everything.  We started talking the day he walked into my cube at WorldCom and we've been talking every since...

Well, as I speak, Josh is preparing to leave for our walk so I will post this quickly and get ready to join him.  

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,


  1. Am loving that school is finally out for the summer and I am able to snag some free time to pick up my blog are my first stop! What a busy time you all have been having as well but I'm so happy to hear about Josh's new contract and the extra family time it will afford...what a wonderful bonus. Enjoy your walks and of course Taddington's warm snuggles! Blessings, natalie jo


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