Staying In...

Each day is a new step forward in our fight against the low D3 and hemoglobin numbers.  I am putting off the new CBC as long as possible so my body has a chance to build the numbers I need for the doctors to calm down.  The problem I have is when you are a vegan, trying to build your red blood count when it is severely low can be a challenge but we are working together as a family and I am starting to see some positive signs, even if I don't have the numbers to prove anything yet.   I am starting to heal again, the swelling in my legs and feet are starting to subside.  We have a long ways to go with the swelling but there is movement and being as it is the first movement we've had in more than six months, it is a good sign.  My appetite is back in a big way, which is good since I haven't felt like eating in a long time and most importantly, the pain level is more manageable.  I think being able to finally supplement my low D3 has been a huge help in our progress.

To add to the adventures of the house, Taddington was neutered last week and has been recovering.  I think the worst part of the whole things was when he reacted to the pain medication and couldn't keep anything down.  It was especially unpleasant when he threw-up all over Josh at church.  Fortunately, a really nice man at church who was knowledge about the pain medication Tad was on helped us to pin-point the problem and we were able to correct it.   We are still having a time keeping Tad still, he has even taken to jumping on to the couch which is quite the feat at his little size.  The wonderful part is he is already showing signs of calming down after his surgery.  We love the personality of boy dogs but only after their six months surgery.  Before that, they are a handful, however, after that, they turn into little lovers.  I think my little guy is going to be so good going into children's wards at hospitals.  We only have five months before his test but he is coming along nicely and I think he will be ready.

During this time in the house, I have spend it knitting and knitting and more knitting.  Socks has been the name of the game for this round.  Let's see what I have made:

Fair Isle Drops Yarn Socks.

Blue Sky Baby Alpaca Basic Sock.

Bernat Satin Basic Sock
Moved KnitPick Stroll to DPN for Berry Socks.

I have a coverlet I am anxious to make for my wheelchair but I still have to make two berets when I have finished the socks I am working on now.  I do like making berets though, they are soft and always look so cool when completed.  I have long owed the berets and feel badly they are going to be received in the summertime but I suppose I could look at it as being five months early for winter..... :-)  

I have enjoyed using the DPN so much, I think I want to try some different kinds.  While reviewing a knitting review on needles, I was directed to the  Signature Needle Arts which have to be the prettiest needles I have ever seen.  They are a bit pricing since one 5 needle set of the DPN's run $45, I will be collecting them slowly but I can't wait to try them for the first time.  I have a black pair of socks I am going to be knitting soon and I think I am going to try the Signature Set for those.  I have a quirk where I  like all my needles to be the same so by trying the Signature Needles I will be breaking from my complete set of the KnitPicks Harmony Circulars Josh bought me.  I think I will start with the size 4's which are a beautiful deep purple color....well, now I'm just rambling so I suppose I will go.

Samuel is in need of me to go over his Math with him in a few minutes.  I enjoy working with the new schooling we have started using.  I need to write a blog on our various school choices through the years and since we have been teaching school for 13 years now, there have been a few, and of course, there is always what Josh and I used as kids too but homeschooling has come such a long ways and they have such wonderful material available now.  So, on to fourth grade math....

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,