A Quiet Father's Day at Home...

My precious family waiting for the PATH at 3am
after the movie.  It was a fun night!
Monday has dawned and I am feeling better today, although this weekend wasn't the best which made celebrating Father's Day with Josh a bit subdued.   We enjoyed an early Father's Day present by taking Josh to the midnight premier of 'The Green Lantern' on Thursday.  We had a really fun time and the movie was pretty good.  I could have done with less of the big headed bad guy screaming but I just didn't watch the screen during those parts.  All my comic book fans in the family loved it so it was a success.  Taddington spent most of his time snuggled on Josh's lap with his head tucked between Josh's arm and side.  I think he gets scared of the loud noises and wants his Daddy to protect him.

Josh and Sam enjoying the spray of the Hudson
on the Water Taxi.
By the time Friday afternoon rolled around, I started into a flare, so the rest of our plans for the weekend were put on hold.  In the end, I think the flare was a good sign since it was from my feet and legs reduction in swelling.  When the swelling reduces it causes my body to go toxic from the fluid release and it takes a few days to flush the toxins.  I hate the fact we didn't even make church.  We ended up all staying home since no one wanted to be apart on Father's Day.  The day was spent all together as a family just enjoying each other.  I couldn't do much but Josh and I spent the early morning together sitting on the edge of the bed working on our computers together so that part was nice.  He has been so busy with work lately and I have had so many flares, we've had little time together.  It was nice to have some quiet time together just enjoying being together.

On the Water Taxi headed for the theatre. 
This morning I can feel I am coming out of the flare and starting to recover.  The swelling in my left leg has stayed down and the right leg is going back and forth but any movement in my right leg is a good thing since it is the most swollen.  Hard to believe my legs were my favorite part of my body, once upon a time.  I have to believe one day again, I will be in high heels and walking instead of riding.   I must believe that day is coming.

I have been studying with Josh lately trying to get back up to speed on my knowledge so I can start taking on small contracts.  It's hard to believe but I started out as a DBA when Josh and I were married and now that I'm down to just Samuel to teach and we can work side by side at the house, I think I'm ready for a few small project driven contracts.  My clarity of mind has been strong for a while now even when my body is having a flare so as long as I can work remote, I will be able to fulfill a contractors requirements.  It will feel good to be doing something productive again.  I love to knit but I would like to be doing more now.  I was always very active and being struck to an almost comatose state for four years has taken it's toll.  I'm ready to start using my mind again.

Samuel, Ben and Victoria passing time until seating.
Our weekend with Josh was really nice.  Saturday, Josh and the boys worked on the house in Sussex trying to complete it so we can rent it out.  I'm afraid their Saturdays have been taken until the house is complete.  Ben finished the floor and the wainscoting this Saturday so I think they only have a few clean-up jobs and that will be done....finally.  Now all we need is a renter...  The boys got home late so we spent a few minutes together and everyone basically went to bed.  In the morning, Ben ran to get everyone breakfast and we spend the day just enjoying watching TV and spending time as a family.  Honestly, that is our favorite activity.  We laugh, our family could easily survive in a big room with a kitchen and a bathroom off the side.  Most of the children's lives have been spent all sleeping together in one room with mattresses and sleeping bags strewn everywhere.  We have always enjoyed just being together which made being on the road in a conversion van for more than a year a joy instead of a disaster, it brought us close together.  My greatest desire for my family is to stay close and I believe when God is the center of the family and everyone respects each others boundaries, you can stay that way.  I have been on the other side of a family broken and I don't want that for my little family.
Ben and Sis having fun on the video games.

So, we enjoyed having Josh to ourselves, without work, for a bit.  He works so hard for our family and is such a good Dad and Husband and sometimes he deserves a day where he doesn't have to do anything.  After our morning together, we spend the time with the children.  We laughed and talked and enjoyed being together.  Instead of eating out which was our plan, we ordered in from Amelia's and Victoria made Chocolate Chip Cookies, Josh's favorite.  We snacked the rest of the day and watched movies.  All in all, it was a really nice Father's Day.

Josh excited over his new book, The Geek Dad's
Guide to Weekend Fun with his Kids.
The greatest part of the day is having Josh with us.  He is a good husband and an amazing Daddy.  He loves his children and cares about what happens to them.  I watched him carefully construct life so that even though I was sick and everyone was stressed over what was happening, he made sure his children were given time away to destress with friends.  He made sure they were able to vent and to work through the emotions of dealing with the illness.  He took them places to have fun and to forget for a few hours.  He gave them a way to deal with life when life was hard deal with.  He is a good Daddy and we are blessed to have him.

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,

My Babies and Josh on Father's Day
Josh and his Baby Girl, Victoria.
Josh and our eldest boy, Benjamin.
Josh and Samuel, our future world dominator.
Josh and Taddington having a moment while waiting with the
family for the PATH...