A Special Visit with a Special Family...

I apologize for the sporadic writings as of late.  Without my Macbook, my whole routine has been thrown off.  I am toggling between the IBM T60 loaded with Ubuntu, classic, and the iPad to perform all the necessary tasks which requires the moving of documents back and forth and generally staying frustrated and longing for the restoration of my MacBook to return order to my simple existence.  Hopefully, that will be soon.  This is now the fourth time we have taken it in for the short, hopefully they will find it and fix it this time.

I have been generally staying in the house still struggling with the low hemoglobin so I have had little to report except being exasperated at wanting to do more and being too tired to do achieve much.  We were blessed from a visit with old friends on Tuesday.  It has been months, well, nigh unto a year, since Lisa and her family visited us.  As it would be, Lisa's home is the only home I have visited in the last four years.  She was so kind to set everything up so nicely for me and cooked so I could eat and made my only trip out, very memorable.  We were fortunate they lived close enough at the time and the drive was something I could withstand so I could see first hand her lovely Victorian home.  It was absolutely beautiful.

A Beautiful Family!
Lisa and her family are working on a fiber business.  For those of us who are knitters and aspiring spinners, it is an exciting venture.  They have all kinds of lovely rabbits with mounds of fiber growing and are looking to expand further.  As she talked about the ins and outs of the fiber business, I had no idea so much was involved.  I also didn't know you could have a ten pound fiber doe!  That's one big bunny!!!  I have an old Shaker spinning wheel made in the late 1800's that I intend to learn to use one day.  I will have to have my legs working first but it's one of those things I have faith will happen one day.  When I can use my legs again, I will be spinning...maybe Lisa will teach me :-)

It was so lovely to have a time of fellowship.  I think I talked her ear off, it had been such a long time and it was such a delight just to have Lisa here.  We enjoyed talking about knitting and going over our various homeschooling strategies as well as talking about our precious children.  I think the biggest shock was little Joshua was not little anymore.  He was so big with the huge brilliant light blue eyes that looked like a pools of sky.  He reminded me so much of our Benjamin when he was small except our Ben was shy and Joshua is full of life and knows no strangers.  What a cutie.

All the girls have matured into such lovely young ladies.  What a treasure some men will find one day in finding wives in these girls.  Of course, let us not forget children do not raise themselves and it takes parents who put their children before themselves and raise them in the Lord to achieve such well-behaved and thoughtful children.   They are a credit to their parents love and enduring commitment to raise solid citizens in the Christ.

We didn't have quite the warm sunny day I had hoped but we did manage a trip to the 11th floor park area and took a walk around.  Joshua was able to play a little on the Jungle Gym and even made a friend.  It was a bit chilly but we survived and made it back the apartment for a nice cup of coffee before they had to leave.
Me, Lisa and Joshua

It was such a pleasant day, reconnecting with old friends, enjoying the fellowship of talking and remembering how wonderful Christ is to put those in our lives we can call friend.

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,