Stir Crazy, After All These Years...

I think I am officially going stir crazy being stuck in the house while we work on bringing my numbers back up.  Not that I haven't spent years being sequestered within the four walls of our home but after so much time of putting your life on hold, you start longing to face the world again, even if it isn't in the most ideal physical circumstances.  I wish there were some consistency as to how I feel on a day to day basis but since I can't have that, I am grateful for every good day I am given and keep working and praying towards more good days than bad days.

I  think we are making progress even though I don't have the numbers to prove it yet.  Some of my symptoms have begun disappearing and even the extremely swelling has begum to subside a bit which is a huge blessing.  Anyone who has had severely swollen limbs can tell you, they hurt!  So, all of this has really been a blessing in disguise.  We have been attacking the low hemoglobin by first addressing the low Vitamin D3.  D3 should be in the 30's range at its very lowest while mine came in around 5.  Way too low.  A number of 12 is considered to be Rickets so this had to be addressed.  My problem is when I tried to supplement, I would go into terrible spasms and my muscles would draw-up so painfully, I had to stop.  What we have since learned was I was allergic to the fillers.  My husband, being the fantastic researcher he is, found a pure form of liquid Vitamin D3 which I can actually withstand so I am able to begin to build the D3 levels which is necessary to building hemoglobin.

With my Vitamin D3 levels on the rise, my hemoglobin can begin to rebound.  I am taking two Vegan Iron pills a day.  Now, going with a Vegan Iron isn't the best way to build your blood but I react so badly to meat that it is my only option.  Between the Vegan Iron, the B Energy and the 6 pills of Desiccated Liver a day, I think we are on the right path.  We are also loading me up on anything with high levels of iron.  We have incorporated some dairy into my diet which I can do easier than adding meat.  I have residual effects from the dairy but nothing like I would from meat.  So, we are on the attack and generally I am feeling better overall.  There are still bad days but less of them than there has been in the last six months and my pain is definitely much more manageable than it has been.  I am even able to skip some of my morphine pills on good days now which is amazing progress.

I was recently talking to my very dear friend who has a similar physical fight as I do.   She is also having difficulty with a flare that will not end and it is weakening her body to the place it she is now trying a very experimental drug.  I think when you have such extreme physical challenges, each and every new challenge you face becomes unsurmountable at first.  You think in your mind, 'I simply can't handle anything else.'  It is at these times we find our solace in the support of others.  Those family and friends will never fully understand how much their love and support means to those of us have a daily physical fight.  It is those of you who spend your precious time in prayer for our needs and who support us when we cannot support ourselves that give us the strength to continue the fight when we get weary and doubt we can climb the next mountain.

I am blessed to have a husband who fights every fight with me and keeps me fighting when I feel too weak to continue.  I am also blessed to have three children who are concerned and care for my needs each and every day.  From the day I got sick, we have tackled this problem as a  unified family both physically and spiritually.  I truly believe this is what has made our fight successful.  I am so grateful for my family and friends.  God has truly been good to me.

As I tackle each new day, I feel my body strengthening and I know one day, this will be a faded memory.  Until then, we fight the good fight and try to be there as an encouragement to others on their own rocky roads.

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,


  1. Lynne, you are in my prayers daily. I am lifting you up for healing and strength to continue down this road.
    Love you so very much,


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