Black Socks in Bernat Satin on DPNs...

Finally....a pair of black socks, knitted by me, that actually fit!  I will be able to finally have a nice pair of black socks to wear with my black dresses.

Completed pair of Black Lace Socks in Bernat Satin
On to my next project...I'm thinking pink...

Black Socks - Lace Pattern using Bernat Satin in Ebony
4-Medium Weight, 100% Acrylic Machine Washable and Dryable

Using a lightweight Bamboo Double Pointed needle set (of no particular pedigree), I am trying my hand at knitting another pair of black socks with hopes of them being large enough for me to actually wear.  The Bernat Satin is dragging somewhat on the Bamboo needles making smooth knitting difficult and requires some pulling and tugging to get the yarn where I need it which has slowed down my knitting considerably.  I have chosen a lace pattern so it will be cooler since it is summer and I am using a Worsted Weight Yarn.  The pattern is coming along nicely and I think will give me considerable stretch.  I went up a size in my needles to a US5/3.75mm and from the suggested DK weight yarn to Worsted in hopes of increasing the overall sizing of the sock which appears to have worked.

I need to learn how to increase my sizes without tinkering with yarn and needles and now have hope of figuring that out since I purchased Interweaves Sockupied for 2010.  It has a wonderful article, "10 Ways to Change a Sock" which is instructional on how to adjust the different parts of the socks for a better fit.  It is going to be valuable information for me since my feet no longer have a normal shape due to the extreme swelling and requires that my socks need serious tweaking to fit properly.

The good news is I think these socks are actually going to fit this time and I will finally have my much needed black pair.  I still haven't replaced the Blue Sky Alpaca socks I knitted for myself but ended up as Victoria's very soft and pretty bed socks (they are pictured under the 'Knits...Purls...Yarn Overs and Fun...' page).  I am looking forward to figuring out how knit the Alpaca into some soft socks for myself but so far have failed to find a pattern I was able to convert so I am hoping the new article will help me out and I will soon have soft as could sock for my bad days.