Circling the Wagons...

My new haircut, Paul wanted me to look 'Hip'.  Josh likes
it so that is the most important thing.  I love the
fact all I have to do in the morning is run my fingers
through it to be ready.  A sign of a good cut!

I cried today, I am not what one would call a weepy person for the most part but I have been crying more than average lately which is one reason I have been tardy at writing again.  For those of you who are regular readers, you know my Daddy recently got his promotion papers and left this world for the next.  It is true, many of my tears were mourning the loss of him on this earth but as he was under such oppression here and his body had been racked with cancer, I knew that this promotion was going to give him freedom he has not had in more than fifty years.  When we have the certainty that our loved ones go on to heaven, the mourning is for us and not them.  In heaven I have the assurance that things that were muddled in this life are now seen clearly and there is perfect understanding

So, why then all the tears?   Well, during this very difficult junction of my life which was distressing as most could understand…came joy.  Beauty from Ashes.  During this traumatic event, God restored relationships that have long been missed in my life.  There is something about watching God move in ways only He can move to wipe away the misunderstandings and lies that had so permeated the lost relationships that for a time, they seem unrecoverable, but God restored them to better than new.  

Spiritual strongholds have been broken, oppression has been rebuked and words of evil are falling to nought.  When God comes on the scene, evil strongholds must be defeated and with the prayer support of a united front under Christ's blood, I believe we are going to begin to see mighty things happen in all of our lives.  

So, I have had tears of pure and utter happiness.  They say hindsight is always 20/20 but that is not necessarily true.  Looking at the situation so clearly now I realize when there is oppression involved coming from other sources, it is easy for anyone to be deceived in the present or when reviewing the past.  We have even been deceived into doing things totally against our character all because we found ourselves bowing to influences so strong it was difficult to break free.  For those who have never fought a spiritual battle of this magnitude, it is easy to make make assumptions as to how to handle it but when you are fighting in the spiritual trenches, knee deep in deception and devices of evil, sometimes the lines become foggy and you need spiritual support.  When we finally all came together, breaking free from all that has bound us for so long, we began to see a lifetime strongholds fall.    

Conestoga Wagons Circled against the enemy.
God is a wonderful, almighty and powerful God who only need speak and evil must flee.  As Christians, we have that assurance.  Our job is to be in the spirit and come out with the power of our spiritual guns a blazing.  I've never claimed to be a spiritual giant or to possess any special gifts but over the years it seems like God often speaks to me in dreams.  I've never really talked to anyone but my husband about them but they have always, without fail, been accurate to what was happening, or about to happen in our lives.  When all this started, before I understood what God was about to do, I saw in my mind's eye wagons, like the old Conestoga's of the Oregon trail, there were three of them all going their own way and under attack.  Suddenly the wagons began to circle and created a circular wall between them and the enemy.  Where before the arrows were getting through, no longer could they do damage because these wagons formed a united front which together would be the defeat of the enemy.   That may not mean as much to everyone else but to me, it was confirmation of God doing great things in my life and giving back to me a couple of very precious people that the enemy thought he has stolen for good.  

God is truly the redeemer of time and during the last week, I have seen it first hand.  Relationships were not only restored but were restored as mature and full as they would have been if nothing had broken them.  I have seen bonds created between family members that have never met but yet are as strong as though they grew-up together.  I have seen our God in action and give back, with interest, what was taken.

We serve a great God.  I thank Him for taking such a sad event and creating something of beauty.  I believe we are going to begin to see some mighty miracles.  I know I will walk again soon.  This thing is coming to an end.  The doctor's can't help me but my God can and He's been waiting for the time when strongholds are not longer inhibiting His workings.  God is about to move and so I am thanking Him in advance for what is to come and thanking Him for what He has already done!

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,