Meditation Minute...

Welcome to our Meditation Minute.  This is not written by me but by someone I love very much who has always been of great encouragement to me.  I wanted to share the many insights that have been such a support to me throughout my life with all of my readers.  I am delighted to add this section to the blog and pray it is a blessing and encouragement to all who read, just as it has been to me.

Indiana Jones and a Leap of Faith...

I am reminded that whatever the attacks of the enemy, God is not taken by surprise.  He never has to play catch up.  The answer was prepared long before the problem was evident.  This is a lesson He has been driving home to me for the last few years.  When we rest in the truth of His Word, find a way to not focus on the storm and just grasp with both hands the belief that what He says is true and will come to pass, mountains are moved and sick bodies are healed!

God has been leading me into some thoughts about faith.  They are hard to put into words, but here is a taste.  I have always heard that you should have faith.  That denotes to me am ambiguous belief.  More like a hope.  I am coming to believe that hope is hope, but faith is an action.  Whether it is speaking words against the pain or claiming the victory.  Abraham’s act of faith was to leave his country and follow God’s direction.  Elijah had to build the altar and pour water on it before the defeat of the prophets of Bael.  David had to pick up the stones to hurl at Goliath.  The children of Israel had to march around the walls.  We believe, but at some point there comes the action of faith. 

Here is an illustration, something that has always stuck with an act of faith was the Indiana Jones movie about the Holy Grail, when at the end of the tests he could seen the door on the other side of the cavern, but there seemed no way to reach it.  Indy had to lift up his foot and place it down on what seemed to be air, but under his foot was a bridge.  Somehow, that has always stuck with me about what faith truly is, an action based on your belief in God.