Stoneroot (aka…Collinsonia Canadensis, Canada Horsebalm, Richweed, Hardhack, Heal-All, Horseweed and Ox-Balm)

Here's a subject I never thought I would be blogging on but it is something that many people quietly deal with and creates a painful existence.   Surgery works for some but I often hear that they are unsuccessful since it is likely to be a reoccurrence.  It seems like there can be very little to help it at times.  For me, having to sit 24 hours a day and having had some initial problems with medication that caused  severe elimination problems, I have been dealing with bleeding hemorrhoid which in turn has not helped in keeping my hemoglobin levels where they need to be.  I have finally found a couple of unlikely options that have give a little relief.

I have tried literally everything on the market but due to my having extreme chemical sensitivity, there are very few things I can use without making either the ailment worse or the symptoms of the disease worse.  So, for months I have struggled with this issue finding no relief.

After a yearly visit to my primary physician, it was suggest I try, Collinsonia Canadensis …aka: Stoneroot.  At first I tried it in pill form but once again, my chemical sensitive kicked in and I was allergic to the fillers in the pills.  At this point, I almost gave up on trying but the review of the herb were so consistent and encouraging, I had to try again but using a pure tincture.  Since no fillers were used in the tincture, my body accepted the herb and was able to process it.  

The recommended dose is approximately 20 drops 3 times a day but since I have to start most things slowly and work my way up, I am presently at 10 drops 3 times a day and slowly worrying up.  Although it is just a fraction of what they suggest, I am still seeing some encouraging results.  I have also noted other benefits coming from the use of the Stoneroot.  Since it affects the blood vessels, I think it has been a huge factor in the swelling in my feet reducing.  

I take it three times a day in my freshly pressed juices as are required by the Gerson Therapy which I use for cancer therapy.  The other uses for Stoneroot are as follows:

General Uses:

Urinary Tract
Mucus (to break up)
Veins (strengthen)
Varicose Veins

So, there you have it.  It would be worth a try!  I have also had some immediately relief by using an Arnica Cream for topical use.  It helps the swelling and encourages healing.  Someone has suggest a hemorrhoid massager to me which may really help but honestly, right now, it looks a little painful.  I'm still working up the courage for that one…. :-)

On to life…