Coffee Cup Cozy...

I have been enjoying making Coffee Cup Cozy's.  They are like the paper sleeves you get at the Coffee Houses to protect your hands against the steaming hot coffee in those paper cups only they are knitted.  I used the free pattern off of KnitPicks:  Coffee Cup Pattern from KnitPicks

I have been experimenting with different yarns and sizes and took the opportunity to use my new Kollage Square Needles.  I will have to do a separate post on knitting with square needles but here's a quick preview.  ***  I really liked the sleek high grade aluminum needles but not in the 8".  I mistakenly ordered the 8" instead of the 5" so it was a little like knitting with steel chopsticks instead of sock sized DPNs.  However, I want to get a set of 5" ones to knit a pair of sock on since I love the feel of the square needle.  They also make a circular needle with some choices in cable flexibility.  Too cool!

Back to the Coffee Cup Cozy...

Cozy in the round on the Kollage DPN.
The finished product is great for my daily cup of coffee from the gourmet store downstairs.  It makes drinking from the cup a little more comfortable than trying to hold onto a paper sleeve that inevitably  will slip down during the pick-up and set-down procedure.  It also just make the whole coffee experience a little warmer and homier using a knitted sleeve.

Finished Cozy on a small cup.
I love the fact these cozie fit nicely in a standard size greeting card for a nice little pick-me-up gift for a friend or loved one.  They knit up in about a day depending on your speed and can be felted as well.  Since I've never tried felting but have a desire to do so, I think a felted Coffee Cozy will be in my near future as my first felting project.

On to bask in my Hazelnut Coffee made with filtered water and in a nice shade of white...