Flares, Korean Dramas and a Little Parenting...

Lynne working on the MacBook with Sebbie & Tad's help.

Time has not been my friend lately.  The sun still rises in the morning and sets at night, the moon still hangs over our fabulous city causing the buildings to sparkle and the water of the Hudson to shimmer (well, kind of) but for me it has all been a blur lately.  So much has happened in my life changing the rhythm of each day, I've yet to work into new routines.  I have been blessed to feel better over all lately, although this week I have been struggling with a flare, I'm am just grateful my flares are lasting a week instead of months at a time.
Tad the Conqueror taking a rest
The pain levels have been much more manageable lately and I have seen progress in movement as well the swelling has been drastically reduced.  I've been able to lay on the bed at night with Josh, much to the chagrin of our maltese puppy who considers it an act of war for Josh to come within arms distance of me.  It has been nice being able to lay on my back once in a while again.  Thinking back, it has been years since I've been able to accomplish the simple act of laying in bed so this is another huge step for me.  The greatest progress for me has been the  swelling in my feet and legs which has significantly reduced.  While still technically swollen, the extreme swelling has gone down reducing the pain.  So, overall, it has been a good few weeks for me even if we did have to endure a flare for a bit.  
Sis working on the MacBook and Tad.
It is interesting how each of our children have their own unique interests.  Case in point is our daughter who has always been drawn to anything Asian.  We don't really know why but it has always lingered in her spirit.  If you look at Victoria you will notice a distinct slant in her eyes that no one else in the family seems to possess.  While we are not specifically aware of any Asian ancestry, it is a little difficult to deny that it must be back there somewhere.  Genes have a way of popping up when you least expect them and she seems to have dipped into our past and brought forward some long lost ancestral traits.  She is studying both Japanese and Korean and tends to cook Asian style including everything from Rice Balls and Sushi to Bento Boxes.  One thing I love about being a parent is to watch as your child develops their own interests and begin to move into their own paths.
After working hard on school, one of Victoria's greatest sources of entertainment is Japanese Animes and Korean and Taiwanese dramas.  Being as I am not usually as adventurous as the rest of my family, I tend to stick with the tried and trues in my life but I must to admit to having developed a new interest in her dramas.  Who would have thought my days and night would be spent reading subtitles to wildly acted Asian dramas?
Toria diligently working on school while Ben is listening
to music and reading a textbook.
As I sit here writing this blog, we are all working on our own tasks.  What a site we must be.  Samuel is at Josh's desk on the desktop playing with a friend on-line and true to form for our little General, he also has control of the TV which is displaying his avatar so he can talk, or rather direct, everyone else in addition to the on-line gaming.  Joshua, Victoria, Benjamin and I are sitting on the couches, all with our laptops, Josh with the iPad, and one earphone strategically placed in our ears.  This is a house rule so we can still hear each other and respond keeping the conversation going even when we are listening to music, working on school or engrossed in our own entertainment.  I never thought I wanted a family that participated in different activities while at home together but I have learned, even though we are all concentrating on our own interest that draw us apart, we are still bound by those strong bonds that hold us together.   I love that as we sit here tonight and are all doing separate things, we are still stopping to talk and laugh at life and the interest of one another...thus the reason for the one earbud rule in our home.  Life may hold certain challenges for me now but I can honestly say, I don't think I have ever been happier.  Watching our children grow into adults and seeing them make better choices than we did, preparing to surpass our success and hopefully avoid our failures, fills me with joy.  
A Tranquil Path...
With each new day comes new challenges for all of us.  It seems like the days of smooth sailings are little more than a pipe dream.  Each day we are fighting the fight that Paul talked so often about in his writings.  If we keep looking for that place of perfect peace here on this earth, we will forever be disappointed and have a difficult time continuing in our faith.  We must remember that the paths of a Christian will often be met with peril and trying times but God is there to take us through them all.  If we, as God's children, can learn to count our blessings and enjoy the small things like sitting with our family at night or simply watching our children grow, then we can allow our faith to do it's work on the big things in life.  If we live from crisis to crisis we will always be exhausted, yet, if we rest in our faith and allow God to work, our eyes will be opened to all the small blessings that smooth out our paths.
May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,


  1. What a beautifully insightful post, Lynne. Such a wonderful way to look at the separate interests within a family.
    Love and blessings to you all,


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