Victorian Christmas Stocking

Christmas - December 2012 - - Finally Completed!

After two years of working on our Precious Baby Girl's stocking, she was able to use it this year.  I love the way this stocking turned out.  It has a beautiful heirloom quality.  Victoria was very please at its size because it took more goodies to fill it up, but honestly, her Christmas morning goodies still overflowed onto the table below.

I changed the pattern a little on the leg to add interest and break it up which our daughter liked.  I think the snowflake on the heel adds to the festiveness.  The top band has been doubled to give rigidity for supporting the weight of a stocking full of gifts.  I also made a decorative name tag which I attached to the hanger at the top so it could be switched from side-to-side depending on which way she wants to hang the stocking.

As a tradition, we each pick an ornament each year for the tree and when it comes time for the children to start their own lives, they will take their ornaments as a starter set for their own trees.  I always put the date on them and any memorable notations for the future.  This year, we found a set of ornaments that matched Victoria's stocking exactly so it was nice combination for her to remember this year.

Historical Blog Entry - August 2011

For knitters, Christmas is but a short four months away and in the world of knitting, that is but a fleeting moment.  I have so many projects waiting on me but first, I want to complete the Christmas Stocking projects of last year.  I managed to complete Josh's Stocking, Ben's Stocking and what will end up being my Stocking which is being used by Samuel now.  This year my goal is to finish Victoria's and to somehow create Samuel's Nutcracker Stocking.

So far, I love the way Victoria's is coming along.  I wanted it to be very elegant and something she could keep the rest of her life so I chose to use the superior quality of the Drops Yarn.  I love the Cotton Viscose with it's softness and subtle shine.  It will make the perfect Christmas Stocking.  The Dark Red has a slight sparkle and the Light Beige is almost a golden color which adds to the festiveness of the stocking.

I love the delicate pattern that will be carried throughout the stocking. 

The top of the stocking is doubled and sewn down for the needed strength in hanging.  The Braid was fun to knit and gave an added element to the top of the stocking creating a nice division between the cuff and the start of the leg and highlighting the snowflake design on the cuff itself.  

I'm looking forward to completing this Stocking for the Christmas Season.  I will post more as it comes along.  I haven't decided what to do for the heel or toe yet but I have some interesting ideas.    We'll see...

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