A Missions Trip, A Romantic Weekend and Reality…

GTT Kids Missions Trip

This last weekend Josh and I had a bitter-sweet treat.  On Friday morning Josh woke our children early, something that rarely happens in our house since by nature we tend to be nocturnal, gathered their packed gear and boarded the Metro to take them to GTT to head on their first Missions Trip.  Samuel was to preform a dramatic reading of I Corinthians 13, Victoria helped with singing while Ben was to be the camera man when needed.  On this trip, all three children were to be gone and gone for three whole days!!!  Now, I am not a mother who really enjoys her children being gone.  We have homeschooled from day one and we often wake to find mattresses having been pulled in our room at night by our three children who want to sit up and talk or watch movies in Mom and Dad's room because they just like being close as a family.  While we enjoy seeing the world together, our family also enjoys just sitting around our home and being together.   Josh and I figure that's not bad considering our children are 18, 16 and 11 now which are usually the ages children begin to pull away from their parents.  When your 18 year old daughter and 16 and 11 year old son consider a mattress in your bedroom to snack and watch movies as being their 'safe place', you've got to be a happy parent.  
Sam's Speech

On 8am on Friday morning, they headed to South Jersey to minister at homeless shelters, nursing homes and various church services.  I am happy to report all went well and while it was the first time for Samuel to preform in front of people, he is beginning to overcome his shyness.  Now, don't get me wrong, if you met Samuel in a comfortable environment you'd never dream he was shy but if it's not with his people, he tends to shut down so this was a great experience for him.  And, since all work and no fun makes kids cranky, they got to splash in the ocean and experience a bit of the boardwalk along with games of 'man hunt' and just sitting and talking with friends.  They had such a wonderful time and made memories of a lifetime.

So, while all this fantastic learning and playing was going on in South Jersey, Josh and I had a Romantic weekend.  I wish I could say it was without incident but as with most things in life, there were some bumps along the way.  We started out with Josh leaving me at home in the morning while he took the kids to the church and then returning at noon to help me get ready to accompany him to work.  I had not been feeling very well lately but this was too important, I was going to make it for him.  I packed my little gray canvas messenger bag full of my MacBook, iPad, Zen, various cords, external hard drives and other necessary items for a day at work with my husband.  Being considerate as always, Josh stopped and got me a Blueberry Kiefer and a coffee for my stay.  We got to his office area, I set-up all my various devices and played away while Josh worked diligently so we could leave in time for our dinner reservation on the way home.  We had fun sneaking a kiss here and there and just enjoyed having the afternoon together even if it was at work.  
Victoria Helping Teach

After our afternoon at the office, we road the Light Rail to our next stop which was our favorite restaurant, Komegashi's.  Going to Komegashi's always gives us a warm feeling, not just because the food is incredible and they are extremely accommodating to me but because it was the place Josh and I had our first date after almost four years  of my illness and the place where we talked over and decided to move to Jersey City.  It has always been our special place where Josh and I could go and escape from our hurried life and relax a little with each other.  After our wonderful meal we walked along the boardwalk all the walk home enjoying the city skyline at dusk.  

Once, home, we locked the doors and got settled in for the rest of the weekend.  Our entire goal for the weekend was to stay in bed watch movies and snack.  All went well until Saturday morning when Josh woke with a fever of 102 and what we think was a perforated ear drum since it bled that morning as well.  I would say we were disappointed but we took it in our stride as we always do and I worked with Josh's ears all day and he spent a good part of the day sleeping off and on in my arms which was the most healing.  When he wasn't sleeping, he was watching all his fun movies; 'Thor', 'X-Men First Class', various cartoons from Thor as a child to the Hulk series.  What can I say, little boys never really grow-up.  For me, I sat quietly by as he was enjoying his super hero weekend with our standard one earbud in and watching my Korean Drama's on my laptop.  By Saturday night his fever had begun to go down and he was more comfortable.  
Josh and my Wedding Day

Sunday came far too quickly.  Since I had been struggling and with Josh's ear infection, we missed church and just stayed in bed so Josh could continue to recover from his illness.  In fact, the children even came home on their own on the PATH…it is nice when they finally start becoming legal and do a few things like that on the own.  The remainder of our time together was spent as the previous, snuggling, watching movies and just remembering how very blessed we are to have each other.  

Josh and I have been through a lot in the last 14 years together.  Many of the trials we have faced are trials some married couples never have to face and yet it was the bond that we have by putting God as the center of our marriage and family that has taken us through and brought us to the other side stronger than where we started.  When I sit at night and watch my husband sleep a warm feeling creeps throughout my body and I am reminded over and over again of how much he has sacrificed just to keep me alive, not to mention his full efforts to never leave me wanting for anything.  I know at times it has been more stress than he could reasonably handle and the cost of my medical care has often been staggering, yet, he never made me feel like anything but cherished and worth all he has done.  I am constantly reminded at how blessed I am in life.  When I feel his arms around me and I lay my head on his chest it is his heartbeat that makes me feel safe.  When I am at my worst and in pain that no medication can touch, it is his heartbeat that lulls me to sleep.  My reality in life is I am blessed and with each trial and each circumstance that comes up that makes me want to loose Faith, I am still swallowed by the reality of all God has given me.  Faith in what God is going to do by appreciating what He has already done.

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,
Love of My Life


  1. Lynne.

    What a beautiful post! You make my eyes tear up and I am truly amazed by you and your ability to count your blessings. I am so happy to know you and your family. Thank you for being who you are.

    Love, Kelly

  2. Dearest Kelly,
    You are kind and generous with your comments. We also feel very blessed to have you in our lives. You have added so much to our joy.


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