The Rush to the Hospital...

Victoria at the house.

Our life was teetering on sanity for a few days but we all know that can't last long.  Over the weekend we splurged and ordered Indian take-out.  Once in a while we all like to cram ourselves in the bedroom, bean bags and mattresses strewn all over the floor, giant dog taking half the bed and tiny dog waring for the other half, and watch movies while we enjoy some exotic cuisine.  This weekend Indian food and 'Eureka' with a 'Warehouse 13' chaser was on the menu.

We had a wonderful time together and all seemed well until we starting getting sick.  We weren't exactly standing in line for the bathroom but we all definitely could tell the take-out wasn't up to standard this time and everyone was feeling the effects.  After a few days, we began to feel better although no one was anticipating our next Indian take-out.  The exception to the rule was Victoria.  She couldn't seem to shake it...

By Tuesday night she was feeling worse instead of better.  As usual with Victoria she was continuing with her duties around the house but by Wednesday morning, she was in bed and not able to move.  The scary part was her left lower abdomen was swollen and had a fever.  We knew that being the left side it wasn't probably anything life-threatening but we became more concerned when the swelling and fever didn't subside throughout the day.  Our concern was blockage or infection so we called our primary care doctor and she encouraged us to go have it checked just to make sure it was nothing serious.

Victoria was less than happy about having to go to the Emergency Room but we started getting ready for her first adventure as an adult in the hospital.  I called Benjamin at the Science Center since he it was his day to work and he came home to be with Samuel while Josh and I took Victoria in.  It would have been easier if I had stayed at home but I just couldn't do it.  Had it been an emergency, I would have forfeited my right as a mother for the benefit of getting our child the help she needed quickly but since we could take a little time, I wanted to go.  The lowest point for me in the last five years of my illness has not been the pain, or the paralysis, or the mastectomy, it was the night Josh had a kidney stone and was in terrible pain and I had to sit and watch him drive away to the hospital without me.  I didn't handle it very well so if I can help it, none of my family will go without me ever again.

Once we got to the hospital, they were very kind and got her hooked up to an IV (which made her cold), took blood (which she found fascinating), preformed an ultrasound (again fascinating) and came to the conclusion that she had an infection in her bowels from the off food.  Basically, food poisoning gone bad.  It wasn't really serious and they sent her home with some medication and orders to rest with a restricted diet for a while.  We were grateful it was nothing more than that but good we had it checked because it could have easily gotten out of hand quickly.  She was so tired by the end and was ready to come home, crawl in Mama and Daddy's bed (still her safe place) and sleep.

Sebbie and Tad on our bed.

When we pulled into the parking garage and called our eldest son to come and help us get the trailer in place we heard mayhem on the other end of the line.  Apparently Sebbie had gotten upset over the stress of us moving quickly to get Victoria to the ER and since he has a glass stomach anyway...he threw-up...he threw-up all over my very expensive Laura Ashley Down Comforter!!!  Ahhhh!!!  I was an unhappy mother!!!  I love my down comforter.  The duet did very little to off-set the effects of a 130 pound Bernese Mountain Dog getting sick all over and the rest of the bed took a hit as well.  All our pillows, the sheets, the mattress protector (thank you for doing your job) was a mess!!!

Instead of resting when we came in, everyone had to help to get the area cleaned.  We sent Ben to the laundry downstairs with the sheets, pillows and blankets and put the comforter into a trash bag to be taken to the dry cleaners in the morning which Josh kindly took care of before he went to work.  After mopping, deodorizing and putting a new set of sheets on the bed, life seemed to be sliding back into order.

Our baby girl.

As anticipated, our little girl, who was legal and had to sign all her own papers at the hospital...that hit home a little for me...crawled into Josh's and my bed and fell fast asleep.  Josh and I sat on the edge of the bed working on our computers and taking stock of the evening while she got some good rest.  I'm sure the pain medication the gave her didn't hurt any.  When the time came, Josh walked Victoria to her bed and got her tucked in safe and sound...and, thus... her first hospital adventure ended.

Life is simply never boring.  God was good as always and our baby girl is just fine and only needs some rest to heal. She also now understands how to check into the hospital, how to fill out insurance forms and what to expect while there.  All good lessons to start your life with as an adult. Every new experience, whether it be good or bad, builds your knowledge base for the future and prepares you for life ahead.  Little by little we, as parents, begin to let go and watch our children take those first few steps into their own lives, we just pray we are always there to be their safety net.

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,


  1. Oh, my goodness!!! Poor Victoria! How strange, though...I distinctly remember getting very ill one day years ago when I lived in NYC guessed it...Indian food! I do love it, though. :)

    Glad to hear she's on the mend!


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