Another Step on the Journey...

I have been rambling so much about life lately that I have failed to talk about what this website was originally created for, pain management of high pain diseases and cancer using natural approaches and therapies.

Feeling well enough to accompany Josh to an afternoon at work.
Recently we have been making some progress in many areas.  I am still struggling with the pain levels and have not been able to abandon my pain medication yet but from talking with various doctors, many believe I will have to be walking before we can get to that point.  We have had a great triumph recently and one which I thank God for each time I see my legs and feet…the extreme swelling has subsided.  At one point my ankles were a tad over 14 1/2" around.  If you can imagine, the pain that accompanied that level of swelling is so severe that simple vibrations make it unbearable.  With my legs and feet back to an almost normal size, I have been able to increase my activity level since I am not in such pain when moving about.  This was an important first step since any therapy on my legs could not be attempted until the swelling had subsided.
Any progress at this point is encouraging.  For such a long time the doctors were worried about metastases from the cancer but as my surgeon pointed out, metastases doesn't get better which is what is happening with me.  I know people look at me now and think I am in such bad shape but if they could have only seen me last year, they would understand I have improved so much in the last 6 months.  When I think about a couple of years ago when I had to lay down because sitting was too much effort, or the fact my legs would spasm so intensely the only way to get relief was to take enough pain medication to fall asleep and yet not too much to hurt myself.  Back then, they children and Josh had to tip-toe in the house lest the vibration would start my muscles drawing-up or the television and music or even talking had to be kept to whisper so my nerves didn't become over-stimulated.  When I look at myself now, I realized just how far I have come.  The recovery is slow and sometimes it feels like there is a two steps back for each one forward but regardless, we are going forward.
A dinner treat while enjoying my new found energy. 
This last week Josh had a great deal of business to take care of and wanted me to ride along and keep him company.  In times past, I wouldn't have made one trip without serious repercussions but this last week, I accompanied him throughout the week, cooked on Saturday and managed to make it to church on Sunday despite a difficult trip into the city…that is a subject for another blog…  Each improvement gives me that much more hope.
As it is, I am still on the Gerson Therapy plan, albeit, slightly reduced in stringency.   I keep to the basic plan, I am a vegetarian, strictly organic, juice regularly and practice an intense cleansing program.  I did have to add some dairy into my diet to help keep my hemoglobin up where it needed to be.  I was dangerously low and they were talking transfusion so to avoid that, we had to do some altering.  After being a vegan for two years and fighting both cancer and Disseminated Neurological Lyme Disease, it took a toll on my blood counts.  Although my doctor isn't too happy with me for not being tested recently, I know the counts are better by what my body is telling me.  When I am low I crave ice day and night, I can't get enough, I also have no energy and can't move off the bed or raise my arms.  There are various other ways I can track what is happening even without a blood test.  Being as I have been on the run lately and not feeling the effects, I have full confidence, I am doing well. 
Added to the Gerson Therapy which I will stay on to some degree for the rest of my life, I have added Stoneroot to my daily supplements.  I contribute the reduction in swelling to this addition.  It took a while for my body to adjust to it and I stopped at one point but after a couple of days off, I noticed the swelling that had just started to subside, began to rebound.  At that point, I found a pure tincture instead of the pills and my body reacted much better.  Once I worked up on the tincture a little, I found the swelling steadily decreasing.  I make sure I keep up on the Stoneroot.
Another addition that has helped me has been Matcha.  I take a certified organic concentrated capsule each day and it has done wonders for leveling my hormones.  After the mastectomy, well, before as well, I had been dealing with my cycles being off and my hormones not being at normal levels.  This caused a myriad of problems throughout the month but within a couple of weeks of starting the Matcha, I noticed a big difference.  I definitely had an increase in energy as well as normal solid cycles.  I also learned, I wasn’t as close to menopause as I had thought.  Too bad.  I know some women get upset over that stage in life but for me, I welcome it...  I have had my children and I am more than ready to move on now.  I don’t see it as getting older, I see it as sort of a graduation.  From what I’m told, though, I’ve got a few years before I can celebrate that season in my life.   Oh, well.....patience.
If there is one thing I have learned through all of this, it is every ones body is so different.  What works well for one person will not always work for another.  You have to stay tuned into your own body.  I put up things on this blog for you to research and look into but you have to listen to the rhythm of your own system.  I hope some of what I have been through over the last five years benefits others even if it is nothing more than give you a place to start to find your own way.  My Faith has been in God from the beginning and I know because of Him, cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence.  Sometimes there are hard choices along the way but with God’s help, you will be able to make the right ones for you and your family.
I have been blessed with amazing support from a loving husband and children who have worked hard at helping me to get better again.  I couldn’t have made this journey without them.  More than just fighting for life, I was fighting for them.  God has been good and I thank Him for each morning when the sun rises and I start the new day.  I fought to live to see my children mature and to grow old with my day soon...I will be walking again too!!!
May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,